All you need is less!

In our minimalist WE REDUCE! range, we go one step further to help the environment by abstaining from unnecessary plastic, packaging and water as an ingredient – whilst maintaining consistently high quality standards. The i + m WE REDUCE! range focuses on minimalism instead of abundance – waterless, plastic-free and reduced to the max!

plastic-free » We use minimal packaging in WE REDUCE! products. We use grass paper for the most part, avoiding plastic altogether.
waterless » Waterless natural cosmetics are practical and protect the environment on many levels.
less waste » By using recycled packaging materials in reduced quantities, we are avoiding unnecessary packaging waste.
reduce to the max » Our basic product range provides you with all the essentials you need, alongside making a statement against the rampant oversupply on our cosmetics shelves.

Blueberry Lip Care

* WILL BE SOON AVAILABLE * Colourless, blueberry-scented, organic lip care. Blueberry Lip Care protects and nourishes the delicate skin of the lips with Fairtrade® ingredients, contained in a cardboard care stick – free from any plastics.

Tinted Lip Care Cherry

For a soft red gloss with a subtle scent of cherry. Tinted Lip Care Cherry gives lips a delicate red shimmer with Fairtrade® ingredients – in a plastic-free cardboard pen.

WE REDUCE! Deo Stick Flower Power

Deo Stick Fresh Liberation

Deo Stick Fresh Liberation in a paper tube deodorises effectively and naturally with citrus freshness – with no aluminium salts, and packaged in FSC paper.

WE REDUCE! Deo Stick Flower Power

Deo Stick Flower Power

Deo Stick Flower Power deodorises effectively and naturally with a mellow, floral scent of blossoms – with no aluminium salts, and packaged in FSC paper.

Conditioner Bar Oat

Conditioner Bar with oat oil strengthens and untangles all hair types with organic, fair trade ingredients. Intensive care for a healthy gloss – waterless and plastic-free.


Minimalism Starter Set

YOU SAVE 5 € BY BUYING THESE ITEMS TOGETHER Creating plastic-free bathrooms with WE REDUCE! The Minimalism Starter Set offers plastic-free, waterless body care from head to toe with organic oils from fair-trade sources.

, Deo Cream

This aluminium-free Deo Cream with a natural rose scent gives lasting protection against body odour. Elegantly packaged in compostable jar.


Shower Bar

Waterless & plastic-free. Hemp Shower Bar cleanses all skin types thoroughly with vegetable surfactants, nourishing with organic cocoa butter and shea butter.

Vanilla Lip Care

The vegan organic Vanilla Lip Care nourishes chapped lips with silky smoothness and protects them from dryness. With Fairtrade® ingredients in a cardboard sleeve – plastic-free.

WE REDUCE! Festes Shampoo Verbene

Verbena Shampoo Bar

Verbena Shampoo for every hair type helps to give hair a natural shine while also making it easier to manage and comb. The shampoo cleans and nourishes hair with vegetable surfactants and valuable organic oils.

Seifenhalter mit Seife

, Magnetic soap dish

Fresh for longer. Our magnetic soap dish keeps your favourite i + m cosmetic bars dry. Quick to install and always there for you.


Soap Bar

Natural cleansing power with a tangy lemony fragrance for all skin types – vegan Soap Bar Lemongras with the finest organic shea butter.