Hands and More

Waiting on you hand and foot!

Hands and More offers an extra dose of care for a nurtured feeling all the way to the fingertips and toes. When applied regularly, the oil-restoring ingredients help the skin regenerate, preventing corns and ensuring velvety-soft skin on hands and feet. The exquisite organic oils from olive and argan ensure soft skin while shea butter provides long-lasting moisture.

The nail oil with nurturing vitamin E and carefully selected ingredients from soy, almond and hemp strengthen skin and nails. Stressed feet are caressed by ginseng and witch hazel. In Asia, ginseng is known as the “root of life”; it contains valuable minerals and has a strengthening and vitalising effect after a long day. Combined with a mixture of moisturising aloe vera and vitamin E, ginseng ensures refreshed and soft feet. Witch hazel supports the skin’s natural balance.

Hand Cream

Content: 50 ml

19,80  / 100 ml

Foot Cream

Content: 50 ml

21,80  / 100 ml

Nail Oil

Content: 10 ml

89,00  / 100 ml

Calendula Liquid Soap

Content: 250 ml

3,36  / 100 ml

Calendula Handseife Refill

Calendula Liquid Soap Refill

Content: 1000 ml

2,69  / 100 ml