Freistil Sensitiv

Simply let yourself go!
Our skin is not just our largest organ, it is also extremely delicate – it is not allergy sufferers alone who often suffer sensitive reactions to the everyday influences in our environment. Our Freestyle range has proved itself for over 16 years now, with a formula specially tailored to the needs of sensitive skin. Irritant-free and without any essential oils, the care range for the whole body has also repeatedly impressed consumer magazine Öko-Test.
Evening primrose oil makes a beneficial contribution towards protecting the sensitive skin from external influences: the skin’s protective barrier and the cell metabolism are supported, boosting the natural self-regulation of the skin. Existing irritations are alleviated by sea buckthorn oil. At the same time, skin hydration is improved by four active substances: aloe vera and hyaluronic acid provide intensive moisturisation, while organic oils made from jojoba and almond guard against the skin dehydrating again.

Hyaluronic Serum Sensitive

Hyaluronic Serum Sensitive in an organic formula with triple hyaluron offers more moisture to care for dry and sensitive skin – with no allergenic fragrances.

, Shower Gel and Shampoo Refill

Protects the skin and the environment. Freistil Sensitiv Shower Gel and Shampoo in an economical family-size pack is pH neutral, for cleaning the hair and sensitive skin.

Freistil Sensitiv Reinigungsmilch von i+m Naturkosmetik - fair bio vegan.

Cleansing Milk

Soft and clean. The mild Freistil Sensitiv Cleansing Milk effectively and gently frees sensitive and allergy-prone skin from pollution or make-up – it’s irritation-free and soothing.

Freistil Sensitiv Augenbalsam von i+m Naturkosmetik - fair bio vegan.

Eye Balm

Soothing and moisturising Freistil Sensitiv Eye Balm ensures relaxed moments – especially for sensitive skin.

Freistil Sensitiv Intensivcreme von i+m Naturkosmetik - fair bio vegan.

Intensive Cream

Relaxed and full of energy: irritation-free Freistil Sensitiv Intensive Cream soothes skin irritations and feelings of tightness for sensitive and allergy-prone skin.

Freistil Sensitiv Duschgel und Shampoo von i+m Naturkosmetik - fair bio vegan.

Shower Gel and Shampoo

Soft and clean: Freistil Sensitiv Shower Gel and Shampoo for sensitive and allergy-prone skin cleanses gently with extra-mild sugar surfactants and is pH-neutral.

Freistil Sensitiv Körperlotion von i+m Naturkosmetik - fair bio vegan.

Body Lotion

Honest and easy-going. Irritant-free Freistil Sensitiv Body Lotion nourishes sensitive, delicate skin with soothing ingredients and fairtrade oils from controlled organic cultivation.

Freistil Sensitiv Feuchtigskeitcreme von i+m Naturkosmetik - fair bio vegan.

Moisturising Cream

Relaxed and protected. The irritation-free Freistil Sensitiv Moisturising Cream offers soft care for sensitive skin prone to allergies.