About i+m

We’re the good guys: Masters in the creation of the finest natural cosmetics, organic pioneers, vegan cosmetic rebels, fair players, plant power experts, precious raw materials users, good people, climate-neutral environmental lovers, individuality enthusiasts, Berliners since ’78, committed waste avoiders and winners of the German Sustainability Award 2019 and 2020.

  • Since 1978

    Rich in tradition without a best-before date: It all began in 1978 with two midwives in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Since then i+m has been creating and producing the finest organic natural cosmetics - innovative, high-quality, regional and politically committed to this day.

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  • Our Ideal Of Beauty

    Bodypositivity: i+m rejects stereotypical beauty ideals. Beauty has many faces and every skin has its individual needs. We offer you the right products to care for your unique body.

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  • Vegan Plant Power

    Fauna and Flora: Our whole assortment is vegan, because exploitation of animals is not compatible with our values. An additional plus is the particularly high tolerance and effectiveness of purely vegetable cosmetics.

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  • One World

    Change the world with beauty: The principles FAIR ORGANIC VEGAN BRAVE are always the basis of all product and company decisions at i + m. Thus, fairness, ecology, animal welfare and daring always come before profit.

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  • i+m Standards of Quality

    One hundred percent: The i+m standard range is certified by COSMOS ORGANIC, Vegan Society, Cruelty Free and Climatepartner. Our precious raw materials are gently cold-pressed and of course we do not use silicones, paraffins and microplastics.

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  • Fair Initiatives

    i+m takes initiative(s)! Fair action and merchandise is our matter of the heart – whether Fair Editions as fund-raiser campaigns, a women shelter in Sambia founded by us, cooperations with facilities for handicapped people or the use of fair trade resources.

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  • Common Good Economy

    100% Group-free: Without external financing, i+m grows organically and in self-organized teamwork stands for a new corporate culture. We also donate a quarter of our profits to world-improving projects.

  • Women's Shelter in Zambia

    Well begun, already done: Since 2014, the association Frauenhäuser für Afrika e. V., founded by i+m, has been creating a safe haven that enables women in Zambia to help themselves and open up new perspectives.

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  • Genuinely organic

    It's true: i+m has always been eco. For us as true organic pioneers, raw materials from organic cultivation, the smallest possible consumption of resources and optimum recyclability of our products are simply part of it.

The fabulous i+m team

We work at i+m! And not only because of the mere mammon, but because it makes sense – and fun. We are a small, motivated team with many talents. And we are always receptive to questions of all kinds: about products, packaging, ingredients, orders, promotions, cooperations, i+m background information, dealer information, press releases, images, …!

  • Gordana Hegewald

    Gordana Brozio

    Sales & Field Management | Key-Account Management

    Temperamental, but with cheerful composure, she has been cracking the hardest sales nuts for i+m for years. Under positive pressure and slight chaos she is running at full speed. On top of that, she is a passionate tango dancer, eating vegetarian food out of conviction and spinning her clothes in a discarded wardrobe instead of throwing them away.

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  • Max Piehler arbeitet bei i+m Naturkosmetik - fair bio vegan.

    Max Piehler

    Logistics | Export | Hotel

    He has the hotline for trade partners directly to the i+m warehouse. He finds the right answer to every question, no matter how tricky - and always in a friendly and solution-oriented manner. He loves the varied work at i+m and commutes to the office by bike every day.

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  • Verena Zydek

    Verena Zydek

    Managing Director

    With enthusiasm and an unmistakable nose she chases after the scents for all i+m articles and takes care of all the others at the same time. From brainstorming and problem solving to restaurant recommendations - she knows everything. And genetic engineering does not come into the (shopping) bag of the animal-loving surf beginner.

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  • Marlene Ortwerth arbeitet bei i+m Naturkosmetik - fair bio vegan.

    Marlene Ortwerth

    Production | Production Planning | Purchasing

    With her sunny nature and a very productive way of working she completes our production planning team in an excellent way. For i+m she is always on the lookout for new formulations or raw materials - preferably, of course, fair and organic. Privately she tries to make a contribution to the protection of the environment through conscious consumption and waste avoidance.

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  • Daniel

    Daniel Vogel

    Production | Production Planning | Purchasing

    A true organisational talent, he masters every challenge in production planning in a structured manner. While Daniel prefers to track down fresh suppliers for i+m, he exudes calm with his humorous composure. He also demonstrates stamina in sports – preferably together with his dog Cody. For the vegan with a penchant for shapely and home-cooked food, only ecologically sustainable goods make it into the bag.

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  • Jörg von Kruse

    Managing Director | Product & Brand Development

    He is a patient ultimate responsible person with a tendency to spontaneous ideas. At i+m he passionately designs the brand, products and corporate visions. He is a demanding aesthete and a great advocate of social justice, who enjoys yoga, meditation and golf (and is ashamed that he is ashamed of it).

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  • Kristin Jurisch

    Kristin Jurisch

    Internal Sales | Customer Service | Accounting

    Kristin, who is always in a good mood, is part of the internal sales team. Attentive and goal-oriented, she takes care of the accounting as well as the diverse needs of the customers and is honestly happy about every feedback. As a vegan and passionate nature fan, plastic avoidance and resource conservation are very close to her heart.

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  • Jenny

    Jenny Bartsch

    Internal Sales | Customer Service | Accounting

    She always has an open ear for our customers' concerns and loves to advise them on our fine products. Jenny is quick but focused when it comes to doing the bookkeeping, so that she can cook a delicious meal or read a book after work – preferably in the company of her young son. By the way, for the vegan, cows are the most wonderful creatures on earth.

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  • Jonas

    Jonas Karstädt

    Internal Sales | Customer Service | Accounting

    He is a real team player. With self-irony and good humour, he keeps the internal sales team together with Jenny and Kristin. Jonas is not a paper tiger: he keeps his word and is ready to help, even though he prefers to solve customer concerns personally via email and telephone. Together with his Pekinese lady Mila, the basketball-mad vegan and animal rights activist wants to make the world a better place.

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  • Sophie Koch

    Cosima Scheibner

    Marketing | Product & Assortment Management

    As a true natural cosmetics expert, Cosima researches the latest cosmetics trends for i+m with a sure instinct. Carefully and structured, she loves to analyse suitable ingredients for new creations. In her private life, Cosima is a producer of bath chocolates in the run-up to Christmas. Otherwise, her heart has been beating for choir singing since childhood. And for plant-based food – animals are friends not food!

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    Marine Drouan

    Graphic Design | Art Director | on parental leave

    Marine is responsible for the graphic content at i+m. From labels to trade fair walls, the optimistic Frenchwoman produces graphics of superlative quality at an impressive pace. The musician is also very concerned about ecological issues, because she is a real nature fan. At the moment, Marine is on parental leave.

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  • Sonja Köllinger

    Sonja Köllinger

    Social Media Marketing | Influencer & Blogger Relations

    As the organised cooperation interface for i+m, Sonja lovably and conscientiously establishes relationships with influencers and bloggers on the social web. With a fine feeling for timing and content, the experienced lifestyle blogger forges plans for cooperation in a friendly exchange. Privately, a once stray cat has been part of the family for many years. In pensive moments, Sonja enjoys one thing above all: excursions into literature.

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  • Juliane John aus dem Team i+m NATURKOSMETIK BERLIN

    Juliane John

    Editorial Content | Community Management

    She has a penchant for delicate verbs, gaudy nouns and sparkling adjectives. For i+m, she energetically comes up with charming word creations for product and online texts. Juliane is addicted to the German language, but in an amusing and relaxed way. Inspired by it, she answers queries on social networks. As a design lover, she has a soft spot for sustainably designed items and loves to rummage for them at flea markets.

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    Bernhard von Glasenapp

    Contact person for the women's shelter in Zambia

    He has retired from the operative business and is dedicated to the i+m women's shelter in Zambia. The life-affirming hobby gardener tries to offset the CO2 emissions of the long-haul flights by growing local fruit and vegetables in the garden - and consuming them.

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  • Inge Stamm

    Inge Stamm

    i+m founder – in well-deserved retirement

    She is the i of i+m and our famous founder. Inge Stamm has developed from a midwife to one of the most experienced developers of German natural cosmetics. In 1978, she, the women's rights activist and organic pioneer, founded i+m as a manufactory and led it for 35 years. Even today, our formulas are largely based on her creations.

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Jobs at i+m

Currently our i+m team is complete. But as soon as we are looking for more fabulous people to grow our team, we will let you know right here.