Facial toner

Cheers: The i+m facial toner for various skin types optimally completes the thorough cleansing of the skin. Our facial toner stabilises the skin’s pH levels after cleansing, while toning the skin. After removing the last of the cleansing lotion, the skin is left clear. The i+m facial toner perfectly prepares the skin for the next stages of skin care by using exquisite phytoextracts of the best organic quality.

mix & match hydrolat melissenwasser

Pure Neroli Water

Fine Pure Neroli Water pampers the skin with added moisture from organic orange blossom oil. A hydrolate for long-lasting care for sensitive skin.

mix & match hydrolat rosenwasser

Pure Melissa Water

Pure Melissa Water offers intense facial cleansing with subsequent moisturising properties. The hydrolate for clear skin from natural organic Melissa oil.

mix & match hydrolat

Pure Rose Water

Pure Rose Water gently restores balance to facial skin. The hydrolate from finest quality organic rose oil has natural moisturising properties for subsequent skin care.