Berlin – you are so wonderful!

40 years of i+m organic cosmetics Berlin! We love our city very much. Since 1978, when Inge Stamm founded her little craft production in Kreuzberg with a lot of creativity and pioneering spirit, the history of the city and the company have been closely entwined – colourful, energetic, exciting.

Berlin Day and Night: never boring and ever-changing – like the creative capital itself – the Berlin Design edition always shows up in different outfits. Just like Berlin’s housing façades, the shower and body lotions are illustrated by various artists and have become collector’s items in and outside Berlin.

The exquisite content is equally connected to Berlin. Similar to the way our beloved city has developed into a sprawling metropolitan area, consisting of different villages and nationalities, our Berlin series draws upon regional ingredients, as well as international components: locally based plants like marigold, carrot and echinacea combined with fairtrade olive oil from Palestine, shea butter from Uganda, coconut oil from India and argan oil from Morocco, all go into the “melting pot” of our production.

The antioxidants of echinacea strengthen the defensive powers of the skin, marigold relaxes and stimulates the development of new cells and carrot regenerates the skin with vitamins. Our regional plants combined with the organic oils from far-away lands work in tandem to support the skin and keep it from drying out.

Body Lotion

Content: 200 ml

5,45  / 100 ml

Shower Gel

Content: 250 ml

3,96  / 100 ml

Refill Berlin Edition Duschgel

Shower Gel Refill

Content: 1000 ml

2,99  / 100 ml