Wild Life for Men*

*Cares for each and everyone beautifully!

Fresh and rested skin is extremely popular across genders. The care products of the Wild Life for Men* series by i+m NATURKOSMETIK are fast-acting, uncomplicated to use and provide freshness and energy. Highly effective and intensively moisturising ingredients are combined in a soothing care product – perfect for every body, every head of hair and last but not least: all faces.

With its light lemongrass fragrance and a pinch of ginger, the Wild Life for Men* skincare range sends out fresh, tangy signals – and now sends out a small but important signal on the question: What kind of skincare does a man need? The answers to this question are as diverse as gender identities and human skin itself. That is why we at i+m want to send a signal in the direction of diversity, inclusion and openness in what was once classic men’s care with the gender star* – with care for all and everyone*.

All-round care for body, hair and face

Wild Life for Men* body and face care is ideal for anyone looking for restorative moisturising care for dry, sometimes stressed skin. Antioxidant and revitalising care ingredients support the skin barrier for a vital, smoothly cared-for complexion. Intensively moisturising, hyaluron and aloe vera, along with invigorating caffeine and antioxidant Q10, promote the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

Whether face or armpits, head or beard hair: high-quality fair trade argan and almond oils soothe stressed areas and stimulate their regeneration. At the same time, the Wild Life for Men* series offers all-round care for the whole body, every hair and every complexion, day after day.

Shower Gel and Shampoo

Content: 250 ml

4,36  / 100 ml

Deo Roll-On

Content: 50 ml

19,80  / 100 ml

Wild Life for Men Shower Gel and Shampoo Refill

Shower Gel and Shampoo Refill

Content: 1000 ml

3,29  / 100 ml

Face Power Gel

Content: 50 ml

39,80  / 100 ml

Beard Oil

Content: 30 ml

66,33  / 100 ml

Wild Life Gift Set

Content: 350 ml

9,97  / 100 ml

24h Cream

Content: 50 ml

39,79  / 100 ml

Face Power Gel

Content: 50 ml

39,80  / 100 ml