Natural hotel cosmetics from i+m

Sustainability as a hotel concept: When choosing a hotel, more and more travellers are also paying attention to the sustainable commitment of the hotel. Pure hotel cosmetic brands have little credibility, so spoil your hotel guests with authentic, certified organic care from i+m NATURKOSMETIK BERLIN – fair, organic and vegan.

Genuine Natural Cosmetics for your Hotel

  • About i+m

    i+m NATURKOSMETIK BERLIN are masters in the creation of the finest natural cosmetics, organic and vegan pioneers, design lovers, sustainability award winners, fair players, plant power experts, precious raw materials users, environmental lovers, Berliners since ’78 and committed waste avoiders.

    Über i+m
  • Highest i+m Quality

    One hundred percent: All i+m products are certified organic, vegan, animal-free and climate-neutral. i+m is one of the natural cosmetics brands with the highest proportion of Fair Trade raw materials. In addition, i+m is the winner of the German Sustainability Award 2019.


i+m Smart Refill System

The Smart Refill System by i+m is the ideal solution for hotels with the highest demands. It combines environmental awareness with quality and design. In addition, the practical refill system is as resource-saving as it is economical. It offers you maximum flexibility with regard to your individual consumption.

  • Minimalist – Bottles with Wall Mount

    Instead of tiny bottles, we offer filled bottles in 200ml and 250ml sizes, which can either be used once or refilled. They can be placed freely in the room or mounted on the wall with minimalist holders in single or double design.

  • Smart Refill with Bag-in-Box

    Our Smart Refill System includes our pump dispenser bottles (combined with single and double wall mounts) and convenient 10 litre cardboard bag-in-box refills – with convenient carrying device and outlet tap. You can refill our attractive bottles as often as you like.

  • Ecological scoring with i+m

    No drop of valuable natural cosmetics is wasted, no unnecessary waste is produced. Even our normal bottles (without refilling) save 40% packaging waste compared to single portions. With the i+m Smart Refill System you can even save 90%. And the system is up to 70% more economical.

Our sustainable Hotel Cosmetics

i+m Hotel Cosmetics offers mild, natural care for discerning hotel guests who want to live up to their sustainable lifestyle when travelling. Cold pressed fair trade oils and high-quality plant extracts from controlled organic cultivation are used in our range.

  • i+m Hair Care

    Mild sugar surfactants clean gently and gently, while the finest oils regenerate skin and hair. Valuable plant extracts soothe and strengthen the scalp and give the hair shine. i+m Hair Care is also suitable for daily use.

  • i+m Body Care

    Gentle body care from i+m ensures a long-lasting velvety skin feeling. The best shea butter maintains the natural elasticity of the skin, while the finest olive oil has a moisturising effect. The antioxodative argan oil protects the skin from free radicals and gives it silky suppleness.


Would you like to spoil your guests with our authentic, precious, certified organic natural cosmetics from Berlin? Find out more about our prices and conditions now.

Hotels with a Sustainable Claim

Exclusively designed for the hotel industry with sustainable requirements: i+m NATURKOSMETIK BERLIN develops high-quality vegan organic cosmetics in a minimalist design and an environmentally friendly refill system. Join us as our partner.