Sun Protect

Let the sunshine in!

Sun Protect – the complete sun care range from i+m NATURKOSMETIK with SPF 30 and 50 for a wide variety of skin types. Be it fragrance-free sun spray, tinted sun care or classic sun lotion, they all provide mineral sun protection with a safe waterproof UVA/UVB filter in the best organic quality – without nanoparticles1 and, more importantly, without that bothersome whitening effect.

Thanks to its new formula, our vegan sun care is now easier to apply and smoother to spread. At the same time, with its improved recipe, it absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave any white residue behind. Ideal for both light and dark skin types.

Mineral sun protection with Sun Protect

Our versatile sun creams for face and body provide every skin with antioxidant care substances. Regular use prevents premature skin ageing and pigmentation spots – natural all-round protection guaranteed. The gently cooling After Sun Gel soothes and refreshes sun-stressed skin after a long day in the sun.

The mineral Sun Protect sun care also shows its particularly environmentally friendly side in the water, as it is reef friendly and therefore harmless to coral reefs and waters.

1according to EU Cosmetics Regulation No. 1223/2009

After Sun Gel

Content: 100 ml

9,90  / 100 ml

Sun Spray SPF 50

Content: 100 ml

19,90  / 100 ml

Sun Lotion SPF 30

Content: 100 ml

13,90  / 100 ml

Sun Lotion Sensitive SPF 30

Content: 100 ml

14,90  / 100 ml

Facial Sun Cream SPF 30

Content: 50 ml

35,80  / 100 ml

Tinted Facial Sun Cream SPF 30

Content: 50 ml

39,80  / 100 ml

Sonnenschutz Set | Sun Protect

Sunscreen Set

Content: 250 ml

15,96  / 100 ml