And what exactly is in i+m’s finest organic cosmetics?
Browse through our ingredients and learn all about their origin, mode of action and care properties.

Alginic acid

The peel-off mask's peelable consistency after the exposure time comes from its alginate, which is based on seaweed and kelp. Mixed with water, it becomes an elastic gel and adapts perfectly to the shape of the face while helping the active ingredients penetrate the skin.

Aluminium oxide

Alumina stands for an aluminium oxide that is one of the important modifications of e.g. clay in nature. It reduces the transparency and translucency of the cream and thus helps protect skin from sunlight. With Alumina, there is no danger of aluminium splitting off.

Berry wax

This wax, which is contained in the fruit peel as well as in the seeds of the lacquer tree, protects the skin intensively from drying out and leaves it supple. Due to its stabilising property, it also improves the shelf life of ingredients.


Cacao (Fairtrade®)

We use cacao as cacao butter. It absorbs easily, leaves the skin silky smooth and supple.

Our Fairtrade® certified cacao butter comes from various cultivation areas in Latin America.

Calcium sulphate

The calcium ions contribute to elastic gel formation.


Candelilla wax coats and protects the branches, twigs and leaves of the candelilla bush. Extracted from the plant, the wax forms a light, lipid-replenishing film on the skin, providing it with intensive protection against dehydration and leaving it silky smooth.

Carnauba wax

The purely plant-based carnauba wax is extracted from the carnauba palm. The wax secreted by the leaves forms a light film on the skin, providing it with intensive protection against dehydration and leaving it silky smooth.


The oil from the seeds of the castor bean bush has a skin-soothing effect. It is easily absorbed, enhances the moisture content of the skin and smoothes it.


Cellulose is the pulp obtained from wood or cotton fibres. Microcrystalline cellulose is produced by breaking the pulp down into small, purified components. Cellulose can also be converted into cellulose gum with the help of chloroacetic acid.

Cellulose and Cellulose gum stabilise emulsions and thus make them durable. They help make thin liquids viscous. Cellulose gum also ensures a smooth application by leaving an even film on skin, hair or nails.


This is a coconut fatty alcohol ester that makes emulsions particularly smooth. It ensures that the cream is well absorbed without leaving a greasy film. At the same time, it softens and smoothes the skin.


Replenishing coconut oil balances the pH value of the skin and makes skin and hair supple. Biodegradable coconut surfactant has a mild cleansing effect.

Our coconut oil is fairly traded and comes from India.

Coconut (Fairtrade®)

Replenishing coconut oil balances the pH value of the skin and leaves skin and hair supple. Biodegradable coconut surfactant has a mild cleansing effect.

Our Fairtrade® certified coconut oil comes from the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and India.

Coconut alkanes

This plant-based solvent, derived from coconut oil, has a softening effect on substances that otherwise do not apply well.


Corn starch is primarily extracted from hulled corn seeds. Thanks to its abrasive and absorbent properties, it helps cleanse and soften the skin. The plant based carbohydrate also adheres well to the underarm skin and absorbs moisture produced there. Starch also stabilises the preparation.


Coumarin is a natural secondary plant metabolite and a pleasant aromatic fragrance.

Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth, also known as kieselguhr, is obtained by grinding the shells of dead diatoms. Thanks to its abrasive and absorbent properties, it helps cleanse and smooth the skin.

Dichromium trioxide

This mineral dye colours cosmetic products in a particularly skin-friendly way.

Diglyceryl polyhydroxystearat

This is a vegetable glycerine-based emulsifier that blends immiscible ingredients while providing skin-conditioning properties.


Gardenia fruit extract leaves skin and hair feeling distinctively smooth and velvety.


Goji Berry

In Tibet, the goji berry is also called the secret of youth. Its enormous vitamin C content has an antioxidant effect. It protects the skin from free radicals and thus from premature ageing.


Inulin is a plant-derived sugar-based humectant that protects skin and hair from drying out and gives them a pleasantly smooth feeling.

Iron Oxide Red

Iron oxide red, listed as CI 77491, is a red food colouring.

Magnesium sulphate

Magnesium sulphate has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. It gives the hair volume, suppleness and shine and makes it easy to comb. The salt also stabilises water-in-oil emulsions.


Magnolia extract cares for the skin with plant-based ingredients obtained from magnolia bark. These also inhibit the growth of microorganisms and thus counteract bacteria and fungi.


Maltodextrin keeps the skin in good condition and rids it of dirt and sebum thanks to its absorbent properties.

Menthyl lactate

Menthyl lactate provides a mild, long-lasting cooling effect and gives a pleasant freshness to the skin. It is more effective than menthol, but milder on the skin.


Chinese mint extract provides a refreshing minty fragrance without irritating the skin.

Nahcolite (Bicarbonate)

Nahcolite bicarbonate is a mineral aid that is used to regulate the pH value. It has a deodorising effect and reduces body odour.


Oat kernel oil is a high-fat oil pressed from oat kernels. It boosts the skin and hair's defences, thus protecting them from damaging external influences and protects against dehydration.

Olive (Fairtrade®)

Olive oil and wax nourish and relax stressed skin with their high-quality, lipid-replenishing ingredients.

Olive squalane

Originally, the valuable raw material squalane was extracted from shark liver. However, the squalane used by i+m is extracted exclusively from olive oil and resembles that from natural skin oil. Squalane allows the product to be easily applied and makes the skin feel velvety without feeling greasy.

Palm oil / palm kernel oil

Obtained from the fruit of the oil palm and its seeds, palm oil or palm kernel oil's natural fatty acids are used in the production of surfactants as washing agents.

i+m uses only organic palm oil from Colombia that has been produced according to ecological standards and cultivated on established plantations in a family tradition that goes back generations. The soap base is already produced in the country of origin to guarantee the producers a share in the primary value creation.

Palm oil is a particularly high-yielding and very heat-resistant natural vegetable oil that can currently compete in this respect alone with other tropical oils or petroleum. Alternative domestic oils - such as sunflower or rapeseed oil - require much larger cultivation areas for the same yield. Organic palm oil from controlled organic cultivation (kbA) therefore enables sustainable and responsible management of the land, which curbs conventional cultivation.

Pentylene glycol

Pentylene glycol extracted from corn cobs and sugar cane residues inhibits the growth of microorganisms and thus protects against germs and fungi. Despite its preserving properties, it restores lost moisture to the skin by binding water. This makes pentylene glycol a particularly well-tolerated ingredient.

Phytic acid

In cereals and legumes alike, this substance binds growth agents to nourish germinating seedlings. As a cosmetic ingredient, it has a stabilising effect and thus naturally extends the shelf life of the product.

Polyglyceryl-3 Diisostearat and -2 Sesquioleat

These plant-based emulsifiers combine water and oil to form an emulsion.

Polyglyceryl-4 Caprylate

This substance is a plant based emulsifier that combines water and oil into an emulsion, thereby making the skin smooth and supple.

Poplyglyceryl-6 Oleate

This substance is a natural solubiliser for transparent aqueous solutions.

Potassium sorbate

The potassium salt of sorbic acid, potassium sorbate for short, is a nature-identical substance that is well tolerated by the skin and protects cosmetic products from microbial spoilage and preserves them.


Propanediol is a solvent and humectant that has antibacterial properties and is used in place of a conservation agent.


Rosehip soothes and strengthens stressed skin: The extract from the Rosa Canina rose has an astringent (astringent) effect, which above all supports the healing of impure skin areas and prevents further inflammation.

Sal tree resin

Shorea Robusta Resin is the resin of the Indian sal tree. Sal tree resin melts on contact with the skin and strengthens the skin.

Sclerotium resin

Sclerotium resin is a vegetable emulsifier that stabilises immiscible ingredients and combines them into a viscous gel.


Sesame is one of the oldest oil seeds cultivated by humans. The oil of the seeds has a warming effect, protects against environmental influences and premature skin ageing. In addition, sesame oil has a light, natural sun protection factor.

Shea butter (Fairtrade®)

Shea butter protects the skin from moisture loss and so maintains its elasticity. Its valuable skin care ingredients are fatty acids, minerals and vitamins.


Silicic acid stimulates the healing of skin wounds and has an itch-relieving effect. It is used as an adsorbent for liquids, as a framework builder for the production of gels, and to stabilise emulsions.

Silica gel

Silica gel cleanses particularly gently with fine mineral-based particles.


The active ingredient Sodium Laevulinate, derived from GMO-free corn starch, regulates the pH of the skin and improves its natural acid protection. Sodium Anisate, from Indian basil and star anise, has the same abilities. The special bonus: it moisturises.

The plant-derived emulsifier and stabiliser Sodium Stearyl Glutamate cleanses and nurtures at the same time. As a natural emulsifier, it combines ingredients that cannot be mixed. Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate is an equally mild, plant-based active ingredient that gives cosmetic products a high spreadability.

Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate is a mild active ingredient of plant origin. It allows oil and water to mix without any problems. With the natural additive caproyl, it is particularly effective against dandruff-causing microorganisms.

Sodium PCA (also known as sodium PCA) has an excellent water-binding capacity. It has a nourishing and skin-smoothing effect.

Sodium surfactin is both a gelling agent and a washing-active substance that cleanses the skin, hair or teeth and improves the even distribution of products during application. At the same time, it enables the formulation of finely dispersed mixtures of oil and water (emulsions).

Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate is a natural complexing agent of plant origin. It ensures the stability of texture, colour and fragrance in products.

Sodium benzoate

Sodium benzoate is a nature-identical substance that protects cosmetic products from microbial spoilage and preserves them.

Sodium salt

The sodium salt, listed as sodium lactate, is obtained from vegetable lactic acid. The substance sodium hydroxide is a mineral auxiliary used to regulate the pH value. Sodium cetylstearyl sulphate is a plant-based active ingredient that cleanses the skin and gives our products a smooth consistency.


The skin-friendly cleansing surfactant sorbitan sesquicaprylate is derived from a combination of natural acid and fructose. It is used as a consistency regulator and cares for the skin.

Sorbitan Olivate is an emulsifier based on olive oil fatty acids for a smooth blending of immiscible liquids.


Sorbitol, derived from plant starch, is a sugar alcohol that protects the skin and hair from moisture loss and thus maintains their elasticity.

Stearic acid

Stearic acid combines water and oil to form a smooth emulsion and simultaneously stabilises the combination. It improves the even application of cream on the skin and has a lipid-replenishing action.

Sucrose laurate

Saccaroselaurate is a fatty acid derived from cane sugar, sugar beet, palm oil and coconut oil with nourishing properties. It allows existing ingredients to bind easily and spread on the skin.

Sucrose palmitate

Sucrose palmitate is a fatty acid compound from cane sugar, sugar beet, as well as palm and coconut oil with nurturing properties. It allows existing ingredients to bind easily and spread on the skin.

Table salt

Sodium chloride, also known as table salt, is a mineral excipient that improves the consistency of our products.


Talc, also known as talcum, is a mineral that smoothes the surface of the skin and protects it from external damaging effects - so gentle that it is also used in baby care.

Tapioca starch

The starch extracted from the dried cassava root allows cosmetic products to be applied and distributed perfectly. It has the ability to absorb and bind moisture that escapes from the skin, thus preventing it from drying out.

Tartaric acid

The astringent effect of tartaric acid refines the skin's appearance. At the same time, it stabilises the pH value of cosmetic products.

Tetrasodium pyrophosphate

This mineral compound stabilises the pH value of cosmetic products.


Thyme is valued as a medicinal plant for its wound-healing and disinfecting properties. It strengthens the body's defences, creates a pleasant sensation on the skin and strengthens the hair.

Titanium dioxide (non nano)

Titanium dioxide is a UV absorbent approved for certified natural cosmetics. It reduces the transparency and light transmission of cosmetic products and protects the skin from the effects of UV light, such as sunburn. Titanium dioxide reflects the UV rays on the skin surface without penetrating the skin.


Turmeric delays skin ageing and promotes cell renewal thanks to its antioxidant properties. It has excellent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties in cases of acne and blemishes.


Xanthan gum is a polysaccharide that is used as a thickening agent and provides a supple, pleasant skin feel.