Special Care D.I.Y. Detox Powder Peel-Off Mask


D.I.Y. Detox Powder Peel-Off Maske

Goji berry • Turmeric

Suitable for , , and

DIY Gesichtsmaske

Achieve a radiant, beautiful complexion in 15 minutes: Our mix-it-yourself D.I.Y. Detox Powder Peel-Off Mask with organic goji berry and organic turmeric has both antioxidant and moisturising properties.


Content: 10 g

29,00  / 100 g


Do it yourself is beautiful!

D.I.Y. Detox Powder Peel-Off Mask for all skin types immediately moisturises and protects the skin from oxidative stress with effective organic extracts – like after a detox treatment. The waterless Peel-Off Mask is easy to use, has a subtle scent of pomegranate and makes the face and décolleté look smooth and refreshed.

Goji berry, turmeric & alginate

The goji berry – also known as the secret of youth in Tibet – protects the skin from free radicals and has an antioxidant effect thanks to its high vitamin C content. The vitamins, carotenes and flavonoids of the goji berry work by activating the immune system of the cells and repairing the damage caused by stress and aging.

Turmeric is also known for its exceptional antioxidant properties: it delays the aging process by promoting cell growth and cell renewal. This spice is also valuable in treating acne, as the active ingredient curcumin has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

The peel-off mask can be easily removed after the application time due to the ingredient alginate, which is extracted from various seaweeds. Mixed with water, it becomes an elastic gel which adapts perfectly to the shape of the face while simultaneously enabling the active ingredients to penetrate the skin.


* kontrolliert biologisch / organic agriculture
30% ingredients of the whole product are organic
100% natural origin of the total product

More information in our glossary of ingredients.


Mix: Mix the contents with 5 tablespoons of water until a homogeneous pink paste is formed.

Apply: Using your finger, apply immediately the thick paste evenly to your cleansed face and décolleté, avoiding the mouth and eye area.

Removal: After 15-20 minutes of exposure, peel off the mask. Remove any mask residue with water or facecloth.
Proven to provide 59% instant hydration after the maximum application time.

Product tips
  • Travel waterless: The D.I.Y. Detox Peel-Off Mask is also handy when traveling as it does not need water and can be easily packed in hand luggage. It is also very light.
  • Hydration turbo: Replace the 5 tablespoons of water with a hydrolate or facial toner. This increases the immediate hydration even more – the hydro-cracker.
  • A delicate rosy complexion: the application of the peel-off face mask also stimulates blood circulation to the skin and thus supports cell renewal and the natural functions of the skin. Feels good, looks good.

3 reviews for Special Care D.I.Y. Detox Powder Peel-Off Mask

  1. Amanda

    Also ich habe die Maske zweimal ausprobiert. Einmal mit einer Freundin zusammen, da haben wir sie mit Rosenwasser angerührt. Das war super, hat einfach soo gut gerochen. Und einmal alleine normal mit Wasser angerührt.
    Die Packung reicht locker für zwei Anwendungen. Ich glaube auch, wenn man die zu dick aufträgt, kriegt man sie nicht gut abgezogen, weil sie dann zu glibberig bleibt.
    Man sieht während der Anwendung aus wie ein Alien – nur zur Vorwarnung, echt bisschen creepy – aber danach ist die Haut so schön weich und glatt. Und ich bin echt anspruchsvoll und ziemlich skeptisch, was so einmalige Pflegesachen angeht. Aber top, kann ich empfehlen.

    • Julia

      Liebe Amanda,

      danke für das tolle Feedback. Tatsächlich sorgen Alginatmasken für einige Erheiterung beim Blick in den Spiegel. Aber wer schon mal eine Tonerdemaske gemacht hat, ist da sicherlich schmerzbefreit 🙂
      Zu dick sollte die Maske nicht aufgetragen werden, aber auch nicht zu dünn, sonst bekommt man sie auch nur schwer abzuziehen. 3-5mm sind für uns bisher das perfekte Maß gewesen.

      Viel Freude mit Deinem rosy Teint und alles Liebe,
      Julia von i+m NATURKOSMETIK BERLIN

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