There is nothing good unless you do it: Our FAIR ORGANIC VEGAN BRAVE principles are the basis of all product and company decisions at i+m. Therefore, fairness, ecology, animal welfare and daring always come before profit for us. For this reason, we donate 25% of our total profits to world-improving projects every year. Let’s change the world with beauty!

You are the reason why we can do good! Therefore, a big thank you goes to you and your sustainable consumer behaviour! And since it is easy to lose track of all the ways to donate, here is an insight into how donations work at i+m and what we have been able to achieve in recent years thanks to you.


Queer Power Shower

Content: 250 ml

3,96  / 100 ml

PETA Animal Rights Edition Shower Gel

Content: 250 ml

3,96  / 100 ml

, Rich Body Cream

Content: 200 ml

6,95  / 100 ml

, Sensual Care Shower Gel

Content: 250 ml

4,36  / 100 ml

i+m world improvement measures


    You buy, we donate 100% – We regularly donate our entire online shop daily takings to charitable organisations that are committed to environmental protection, animal welfare or burning social issues. When we join forces with you to support a particular issue usually depends on current events in our world. Thanks to your help, we have been able to support people in crisis areas, carry out educational work, finance waste collection machines and much, much more.


    Choose your donation goal! The FAIR Editions are one of our measures for the betterment of the world, with which you support a specific project! For each bottle we donate 1-2€ or the entire proceeds to projects with a sustainable claim such as the Tierheim Berlin, PETA and many more. These limited special editions are created and sold by us solely for this purpose. This way, we can draw attention to many small projects worthy of support and make it possible for you to do good with your i+m purchase.

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    Support our commitment in Zambia – Everything started in 2014 with a women’s shelter in Zambia initiated by i+m and has since grown to include an orphanage and a school. Today, TWIKATANE e.V. offers women and children in Africa protection from violence and at the same time prospects for a self-determined future. We are incredibly proud and happy that the project is run entirely by local people. In addition, the FAIR Edition Zambia series is available for the benefit of our largest donation project, and you can support this project with your purchase.

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    Everyone in the team has a voice – Our annual team donation fund offers all employees several donation options. The annual theme bundles various projects, initiatives, associations or NGOs, from which each team member can select 1-2 projects that will receive a donation in their name. In this way, the Team Donation Fund offers the entire i+m team the chance to give even large donations a personal touch in addition to the projects close to their hearts through participation.


    Help for small projects – In addition to our annual charity theme, each team member can also choose a project close to their heart to which i+m will donate €1,000. In this way, even very small associations, NGOs, initiatives and projects receive support. From the “Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland” to the “SchutzengelWerk Kinderhilfe” to the “Eichhörnchen-Hilfe Berlin/Brandenburg e.V.”, there are no limits to the topics of the heart. The main thing is that our principles FAIR ORGANIC VEGAN BRAVE are reflected in the foundation of the topics.


    i+m is not just another beauty brand! We are political. That’s why our i+m Team Donation Fund 2020 had the annual theme “Against the Right!”. We are uncompromisingly committed to a democratic, cosmopolitan, diverse and multifaceted society in which humans, animals and the environment can live in peaceful and mutually respectful co-existence. Thanks to your support, we have been able to support many different organisations that stand up against neo-Nazis, right-wing populists and right-wing rioters.

Every year, we donate a quarter of our profits to various projects in the areas of social fairness, ecology and animal welfare. The total sum is roughly divided into three areas:

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i+m world improvement measures of the last years

  • I+M DONATIONS 2022

    i+m against war – In 2022, the equilibrium of the world and the economy became really unstable. People fled Ukraine to escape the war. The wind got rough. Thanks to your contribution, we raised €50,000 to help, despite melting profits. This included emergency humanitarian supplies at the Ukrainian border through MISSION LIFELINE. Numerous donations in kind went to eco-social initiatives. Next goal: to embellish the world.

  • I+M DONATIONS 2021

    2021 ended successfully for us despite all the turbulence – which we are very grateful for! Thanks to you, we were able to donate 150,000€, 40,000€ alone went to our school & women’s shelter project in Zambia. We were also able to support wonderful and varied projects in our heart projects and our Fair Editions were expanded. With great fundraising purchases in our backpacks, we are now starting the new year on a high note!

  • I+M DONATIONS 2020

    i+m against right-wing extremism – The donations are getting bigger and bigger! In 2020, thanks to you, a whole 200,000€ have been collected. Yay! With this money we have supported projects against the right like EXIT-DEUTSCHLAND, SEEBRÜCKE and LOVE STORM. For us as a company, it is essential to take a clear political stance and to stand together with you for more solidarity, humanity & empathy and against violence, racism & hate!

  • I+M DONATIONS 2019

    i+m for maritime species protection – in 2019 we were able to donate € 155,000! This time, the i+m team donation fund went to maritime species protection. For unclouded blue in blue in the largest and most threatened habitat on earth. With this, we made a strong case for all those who fight for healthy oceans full of refreshingly clean H2O as well as intact flora and fauna.

  • I+M DONATIONS 2018

    i+m for Environment & Ecology – In 2018, we were able to donate over 100,000€ to world-improving projects in the field of environment and ecology! As self-proclaimed game changers, we stand for the common good instead of egoism and for fair cooperation instead of competition. The resource-saving treatment of the environment and nature is our number one priority.


    We are already pioneers in sustainable cosmetics. But we also want to be THE political cosmetics brand in Germany and a driving force for a society oriented towards sustainability and the common good. We want to make a difference, be better and change things for the better. We don’t just want to beautify skin and hair, but preferably the whole world!