i+m FAIR Editions

True to our claim FAIR ORGANIC VEGAN BRAVE, we donate at least 25% of our profits to charity each year, which means that every i+m purchase you make is a good deed. Fair Editions also give you the opportunity to support a specific project of your choice. The proceeds we generate provide much-needed financial support, especially for small projects in the social, cultural, animal and environmental conservation fields, and give a platform to the organisations’ causes. And because there are so many great projects, we now regularly create limited special editions for organisations such as PETA, the Berlin animal shelter, the legendary SO36 or our women’s shelter project in Zambia. 

Current i+m FAIR Editions

Queer Power Shower

Content: 250 ml

3,96  / 100 ml

PETA Animal Rights Edition Shower Gel

Content: 250 ml

3,96  / 100 ml

, Rich Body Cream

Content: 200 ml

6,95  / 100 ml

, Sensual Care Shower Gel

Content: 250 ml

4,36  / 100 ml

Festtagsplegeset Sambia Edition von i+m NATURKOSMETIK BERLIN

, Festive Care Set Zambia Edition

Content: 450 ml

4,42  / 100 ml

The idea behind FAIR Editions by i+m

The idea behind the i+m FAIR Editions

The idea for the FAIR Editions was born in 2013 from the desire to support small eco-fair and social start-up projects based on the swarm financing or crowdfunding principle. In other words, many individual people jointly finance a project idea – in our case by purchasing a FAIR Edition.

And this is how it works: We find a project worth supporting that is a good match for us and our values. We create and produce a FAIR Edition for this project – all expenses on us, of course. We then sell the edition and offer it to retailers, who are encouraged to donate their retail margin.

The FAIR Edition attracts attention to the project and raises its profile. On top of that, i+m donates between 1 euro per bottle sold and up to 100% of the proceeds to the project. The FAIR Editions generally have a sales value of around 10,000 euros each. For a small project, this is a significant contribution to the development and expansion of their good idea.

And everyone wins, because together we are strong!

The i+m FAIR Editions from 2014 to today

Completed i+m FAIR Editions

  • Berliner Kältehilfe Shower Gel

    Donate warmth: With every sold bottle of Berliner Kältehilfe shower gel, we passed on 100% of our proceeds (excl. VAT) to the non-profit organisation GEBEWO. As part of the Berliner Kältehilfe initiative, it is committed to helping people living on the streets of Berlin during the coldest time of year. People who become or remain homeless often need one thing in their everyday lives: steady basic support – especially in Berlin winters.

  • Animal Shelter Berlin Welfare Edition

    The Tierheim Berlin Tierschutz Edition came with a good portion of world improvement: 100% of our proceeds (excl. VAT) were donated to TIERHEIM BERLIN. Any financial support is welcome here, as the organisation finances its animal welfare work almost exclusively from donations. This allows them to run the largest and most modern animal shelter in Europe, which cares for around 1,300 animals every day offering the animals a safe haven.

    Final donation: 11,000 euros

  • SO36 Shower Gel

    Providing help in the cultural crisis: 100% of the proceeds from the SO36 Solidarity Shower Gel (excl. VAT) went to the legendary SO36 concert venue in Berlin-Kreuzberg. During the 2020 coronavirus lockdown, its independent sponsor Sub Opus 36 e.V. struggled to survive financially. Without income as long as crowds stayed at home, the club’s running costs could barely be met. i+m’s SO36 solidarity shower gel was intended to provide support and at the same time signalise full solidarity with Berlin’s cultural scene.

    Final donation: 17,500 euros

  • Fair Edition „Let’s Support Refugees“

    Anyone who has made the dangerous journey to Germany needs more than just a place to stay to find a new home. For this reason, every bottle of the Fair Edition “Let’s Support Refugees” sold supported the “Die Gärtnerei” project – a social garden and neighbourhood project on a former Berlin cemetery – with 100% of our proceeds (excl. VAT). Together with artists and neighbours, young refugees are creating a new green island in an urban environment – as a place to meet, learn and live together in a new, creative way.

    Final donation: 15,000 euros

  • CBM FAIR Edition Hand soap

    The CBM FAIR Edition Hand soap project donated €1 per product to a Christoffel-Blindenmission aid project in Ethiopia, which ensures a significant improvement in hygiene conditions and thus combats the causes of the infectious eye disease trachoma. CBM has been actively supporting these people for over 110 years. CBM’s mission is to improve the lives of people with disabilities, prevent disabilities and break down social barriers.

    Final donation: 3.300,- Euro