Fair initiatives

Fairtrade is a matter close to our hearts – regardless of whether it’s the FAIR edition as a fundraising campaign, a self-initiated women’s shelter in Zambia, collaboration with institutions for disabled people or the commitment to fairtrade raw materials.

Social Commitment

  • Zambia Woman’s Shelter

    There is no change without action: in 2004, we built the i+m Women’s Shelter in Zambia. There, women can find shelter, protection from violence and resources to support themselves. Financed by i+m, run by local women – and developed together.

    i+m Women’s Shelter in Zambia
  • Schloss & Gut Liebenberg

    If you order in our online shop you will get a parcel from the castle Schloss und Gut Liebenberg! We have placed our logistics in the hands of Schloss und Gut Liebenberg, a company that helps people with disabilities to integrate into workforce. A truly great opportunity for a win-win partnership.

    Schloss und Gut Liebenberg
  • FAIR Editions

    An i+m measure to make the world a better place: 100% of the profits from our limited special editions go towards small, development projects with organic and fair visions. For a good cause – and for all hair and skin types!

    FAIR Editions

Fair traded raw materials

  • Fair argan oil from Morocco

    “Liquid Gold”: Berber women in the protected region of southwest Morocco make this possible. They extract our valuable argan oil from argan nuts carefully by hand in a traditional way. A UNESCO World Heritage site.

    Fair Trade argan oil from Morocco
  • Fair avocado oil from Kenya

    “Forest butter”: we get our nourishing avocado oil from a forested mountain region close to Mount Kenya. A smallholder farmers initiative carefully looks after the avocado flowers to assure a rich harvest. They harvest and keep the remaining proceeds themselves.

    Fair Trade avocado oil from Kenya
  • Fair coconut oil from India

    Not only notoriously known as the “land of the coconut trees”: in the Indian city of Kerala, tree climbers make permanent financial compensation possible for the community. It’s always harvest season for the sought-after coconuts from which we extract our mildly scented oil.

    Fair Trade coconut oil from India
  • Fair olive oil from Palestine

    Family ties: during the autumn harvest season, relatives gather together on the hill terraces of the family’s olive groves. The olives for our olive oil are hand-picked and supports the olive cultivation all over Palestine.

    Fair Trade olive oil from Palestine
  • Fair shea butter from Uganda

    Be prepared for anything with shea butter: in the north of Uganda, people have always sworn by its effect. At i+m, we are happy to pay producers a higher price than the usual market price – in the service of smooth, delicate skin.

    Fair Trade shea butter from Uganda
  • Fair almond oil from Pakistan

    Almond flowers between the borders: in the Karakoram mountains between Pakistan, India and China, 1400 almond farmers practice sustainable agriculture. The terraced plantations offer rich returns for our high-quality almond oil.

    Fair Trade Almond Oil from Pakistan
  • Fair apricot kernel oil from Pakistan

    Woman power: in the Pakistani Hunza Valley, gender equality flourishes alongside rich apricot trees. Women have moved up as decision-makers to bring traditional apricot kernel oil to women and men. A concept that fosters new perspectives.

    Fair Trade apricot kernel oil from Pakistan
  • Fair pomegranate seed oil from Turkey

    Regional and organic: on 200 hectares, pomegranates bloom in the Turkish “Pomegranate Valley” as far as the eye could see. In organic fruit cultivation, the fruit seeds are carefully cold-pressed in a mill for a golden, shining oil that comes directly from the sun-kissed fruit.

    Fair Trade pomegranate kernel oil from Turkey
  • Fair Sacha Inchi oil from Peru

    Sophisticated peas and beans: Inca peanuts grow in the hot hills of Peru. In the province of San Martín, we support small farmers by making the extraction of this nourishing oil sustainable and worthwhile for the people and nature.

    Fair Trade sacha inchi oil from Peru
  • Fair cocoa butter from Indonesia

    True allies: like i+m, the Balinese Big Tree Farms are true self-optimisers. In search of inner balance, they make smooth, soft butter from cocoa beans with only a small carbon footprint. Thoughtful handling for nourished skin.

    Fair cocoa butter from Indonesia
  • Fair aloe vera from Mexico

    Wild desert lily: in the highlands of central Mexico, local farmers produce aloe vera ecologically sustainable. “Fair for Life” receives a certificate of quality for a certain drop of moisture at a fair price for the environment and people. How excellent!

    Fair Trade aloe vera from Mexico