Our Ideal Of Beauty

True beauty comes from within – it’s not in your face but in your heart. If you feel beautiful – you are beautiful. To feel good, sometimes it only needs a joyful evening with friends, a delicious meal with nice company or a friendly smile from someone – even if it’s just from the mirror. To nourish yourself is also a good method to feel very good and well in your body. That is exactly the reason we make our cosmetics for.

Change the world with beauty!

Since our establishment in 1978, this principle has been essential to us and our cosmetics. We do not only refer to our products natural origins, but also to a natural, individual understanding of beauty.

To us, the primary factor producing beauty is a positive attitude towards oneself. Cosmetics cannot work miracles. But they can serve as a gesture of love to yourself and can support your skin´s self regulation as well as protect it against harmful environmental influences.

Application – as individual as you are

Just as beauty has many faces, everyone’s skin has different needs. This is precisely why we don’t believe in systematic cosmetic concepts or strict application guidelines – these can never take every skin type into account, and give an illusion of expertise that takes agency away from the customers.

This is why we avoid specific claims and guidelines about how to use our products. Rather, we trust that our customers are in tune with their own bodies and can decide what’s best for them. This was the ethos of the company founder, Inge Stamm:

“Try it out and see what works best for you. After all, you’re the expert on your own body.”

Inge Stamm

However, based on our years of experience and knowledge about medicinal plants, we can offer recommendations and useful tips.
So, always bring your questions!

i+m will make you beautiful – from inside and outside!

Oh, how gorgeous! The finest feel-good care for every skin type, with the most exquisite active ingredients, carefully extracted and fair-trade raw materials, in the finest organic quality – naturally from i+m!

Extra Strong

Content: 30 ml

33,00  / 100 ml


Hydro Perform Soft Facial Scrub

Content: 150 ml

9,27  7,27  / 100 ml