Deep Water Hydrator

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AquaCacteen™ | MultiMoist CLR™

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All skins glow with increased moisture. Thanks to its replenishing ingredient complex, the toning Deep Water Hydrator gives you that refreshing effect.


Content: 100 ml

19,90  / 100 ml

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The ultimate freshness kick — hydrating, plumping, strengthening

The Deep Water Hydrator combines a facial toner with a highly concentrated moisturiser — the ideal basis for any skincare routine. With its innovative moisturising complex of plant-based ingredients, the vegan active ingredient booster hydrates and soothes facial skin while strengthening it at the same time. The result is a beautifully toned complexion and a fresh, radiant glow even for particularly dry, sensitive and irritated skin.

AquaCacteen™, Hyaluron and Aloe Vera

AquaCacteen™ from prickly pear provides effective hydration. As a natural moisturiser, it is absorbed immediately and can directly help the retention of existing moisture reserves. The Deep Water Hydrator thus increases the skin’s moisture content, while Hyaluron helps plump the complexion for a firming effect. Fair-trade aloe vera provides gentle freshness, entirely fragrance-free and without irritating sensitive facial skin.

Multitasking Moisture Booster with MultiMoist CLR™.

In the MultiMoist CLR™ skincare complex, beetroot extract works together with water-based prebiotic fruit sugars. The plant-based fruit sugars in the Deep Water Hydrator not only increase the skin’s own water content, but also support the skin’s microbiome as a breeding ground for healthy microorganisms.

At the same time, the toning complex regulates the skin’s supply of vitamin D by stimulating and increasing the skin’s own vitamin D production. Vitamin D has a positive impact on cell renewal and the skin’s defence mechanism against harmful environmental influences, especially for blemished, chapped or irritated skin.

This enables the Deep Water Hydrator to strengthen and protect the skin’s natural barrier while giving thirsty skin a radiant, fresh glow in just a single application.



* organic agriculture

100 % natural origin of the total product
25 % organic portion of the total product

More information in our glossary of ingredients.


In preparation for subsequent skincare, pour a small amount of the liquid toner into the palm of your hand and carefully distribute over cleansed skin until the hydrator has been completely absorbed. Afterwards, enjoy a freshly nourished, radiant complexion. Follow with a serum or fluid and face cream.

Product tips
  • Care routine: Ideally, cleansing is followed by refreshing toning with facial toner. Afterwards, the Deep Water Hydrator optimally complements the skin’s moisture boost with deep care. Follow with an extra-care treatment using a light serum as preparation for the face cream or a nourishing face oil. The products in our series can be mixed and matched according to the skin’s needs.
  • Regenerating night care: During sleep, the skin recovers from the strains of the day. After cleansing in the evening, mix the Deep Water Hydrator with a few drops of facial oil in your hand and gently apply to the face, neck and décolleté. The skin can regenerate carefree overnight and looks soft and rosy the next morning.
  • All-round moisturising care: To moisturise particularly dry, stressed skin areas, apply locally to the affected, moistened areas and massage in gently – also a treat anywhere on the body.

2 reviews for Deep Water Hydrator | Mix & Match

  1. DE


    Wow, was für ein tolles Produkt! Der Hydrator erfrischt und durchfeuchtet meine reife, sehr empfindliche Mischhaut. Zusätzlich habe ich auch das Gefühl, dass er die Haut nach der Reinigung etwas beruhigt. Ich bin sehr dankbar, dass es die Mix and Match Serie für meine Haut gibt: meine Haut passt nicht in diese Standardraster mit fixen Produktlinien – Mischhaut, reife Haut etc.

    Verifizierter Kauf. Mehr Informationen

  2. DE


    Wow, ich bin total begeistert. So einen deutlichen Effekt hatte ich gar nicht erwartet. Ein ganz tolles Produkt. Ich habe eine reifere, sehr empfindliche, feuchtigkeitsarme Mischhaut, die auch Probleme mit der Hautbarriere hat. Dieser Hydrator versorgt mit Feuchtigkeit, beruhigt und die Poren bleiben dennoch verfeinert. Ich bin sehr froh, dass es die Mix and Match Serie gibt 🙂

    Nicht verifizierter Kauf. Mehr Informationen

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