Change the world with beauty!

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Entry posted by Sophie on 3. March 2023

Kümmert sich um das Thema Gemeinwohlökonomie bei i+m, während sie gleichzeitig an vielen weiteren großen Projekten tüftelt.

Change the world with beauty! This is the i+m motto. A brand motto that can be read on every i+m product. But what does it actually mean to us?

Beautiful and sustainable! With a lot of love, we at i+m NATURKOSMETIK have developed the right cleansing and care products for every skin and hair type – from head to toe, from eyes to hands! Everything i+m does is under our brand motto “Change the world with beauty!”. Time to take a closer look. Because our call to actively beautify the world has more than one level of meaning:

Change the world ..

– think sustainable!

Cosmetic products play an important role in the lives of many people and are used every day. In this huge market, there are billions of useless and environmentally harmful packages and lots of substances that are harmful to the environment and health, such as microplastics, silicones and parabens.

As a pioneer company for natural cosmetics, we see it as our task and opportunity to make the world a little more sustainable with our products. With our popular WE REDUCE! series, we have taken the next logical step and developed products for a radically more sustainable cosmetic of tomorrow. The name says it all: it’s about reducing to what is necessary while at the same time giving maximum consideration to ecological and social criteria at all levels of the product, the packaging and the value chain. For example, all products in the WE REDUCE! series – even those we are not used to – do not use plastic packaging. Less is more!

– out of conviction!

Our brand motto is also a call to all our customers to take action and make the world a better and more beautiful place. No matter whether it is a challenge, a task or an opportunity: we have different possibilities and individual abilities to change our environment and the lives of others in a way that is worth living and loving. It is in our hands.

.. with beauty

– be naturally beautiful!

Beauty has a high significance for many people and can contribute significantly to individual well-being. Cosmetics and the associated care rituals are anchored in all cultures and can play an important supporting role.

Unfortunately, manipulative advertising in the cosmetics industry today almost exclusively conveys stereotypical beauty ideals of being young, slim and flawless, to which most people do not conform. Instead of well-being, this often leads to frustration and the pressure to suffer in order to conform to these ideals.

We at i+m want to offer an alternative and stand for a different, genuine concept of beauty. We believe in the manifold meanings of beauty and cultivate this individual concept of beauty within the framework of our product descriptions and the entire corporate communication..

– stay individually beautiful!

The conventional cosmetics industry today is dominated by the paradigm of short-term symptom treatment, with little regard for health and negative long-term consequences for humans and nature. Here too, we offer an alternative concept that focuses on individual and long-term strengthening and support of skin and hair health.

– consciously live beautifully!

Our products should not only captivate with their beautiful design, but above all serve the individual beauty rituals of our customers. We consider beauty to be a fundamental human need, the experience of which fills our lives with happiness and meaning. We would like to give more importance to this need, which in our opinion is often not given enough attention in the field of sustainable economy/products. In other words: “Man does not live by bread alone, but also by love and beauty.

If that’s not a reason to shop online with us again!

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