Vegan Plant Power

Our precious oils are gently cold-pressed. We have found that raw materials that are as natural as possible are particularly effective. In cosmetics, oils are usually heated and chemically neutralised with regard to fragrance and colour in order to make them more durable and to be able to guarantee constant consistency and fragrance.

Full herbal speed ahead!

This procedure is unfortunately not uncommon even in the natural cosmetics industry. But why should we use high-quality, effective organic oils in order to remove the same properties from them during processing? In our recipes, we prefer to focus on preserving the valuable plant active ingredients and the plant’s own ability to conserve.

Full vegetably preserved

This allows us to completely dispense with preservatives, even if it limits the shelf life of our products to a few years. And of course we completely dispense with synthetic, mineral oil-based and animal ingredients. Our formulations have been consistently vegan for many years, making us a pioneer in vegan cosmetics. Already Inge Stamm (i+m company founder) was a convinced plant power woman:

“Over the years, I have found that purely herbal combinations of active ingredients are the most tolerable and effective.”

Inge Stamm

And with this in mind, we continue to produce high-quality and authentic natural products that meet the needs of different skin types and individual skin needs.

Vegan Natural Cosmetics

Our natural cosmetics offer you absolute freedom from animal ingredients. Plus fair trade raw materials in the finest organic quality. Wohoo!

Extra Strong

Content: 30 ml

33,00  / 100 ml

Body Mousse

Content: 200 ml

10,95  / 100 ml