Fair Trade Avocado Oil from Kenya

Thika, a district in northern Kenya, is where our avocado oil comes from. Our Fair Trade partner BIO PLANÈTE is working with about 1100 small farmers near the Mount Kenya massif. Avocado trees have a very special attribute: unlike other blossoms, their male and female characteristics are never revealed at the same time but always in daily cycles. The oil produced from the avocado fruit is rich in palmitoleic acid and antioxidants and is particularly well suited for maintaining mature skin.

Fair „forest butter“

A large part of Kenya’s population lives from agriculture, our partner Earthoil works here with about 1100 small farmers. As a rule, Fair Trade projects invest part of their profits in a non-profit “fair fund” – in Thika, this “fair fund” is distributed directly to the small farmers. Since a single farmer manages up to twenty square kilometers on his own, it is difficult to implement joint projects in the local infrastructure. The small farmers live too scattered in the wooded mountain region near the Mount-Kenya massif. The additional proceeds therefore go entirely to the families involved. For example, wells can be built at the homes of the avocado farmers, because not all families have direct water connections.

Avocado flower between the sexes

Avocado flowers have a very special phenomenon within the plant world – they have female or male characteristics in daily change. Successful fertilization is therefore dependent on matching avocado trees standing next to each other. Otherwise it could happen, for example, that one day only female flowers are open and the following day only male flowers. If the flowers are successfully pollinated, up to 300 kilos of avocados can be harvested from one tree between April and September. The oil extracted from the flesh must rest for six to eight weeks: this is how long it takes for the waxes to settle and for the pure oil to be poured off.

With palmitoleic acid and tocopherol to smooth and elastic skin

The avocado tree has its origins in southern Mexico – even the Aztecs began cultivating it to make cosmetics with the rich fruits. The high content of palmitoleic acid is one of the reasons for the oil’s caring properties. Since this stimulates cell regeneration, the oil is often used to care for mature skin. The natural anti-aging effect is also supported by the contained TOCOPHEROL, a vitamin E variant. TOCOPHEROL strengthens the skin’s own resistance to free radicals. Overall, regular use of products containing avocado oil can prevent skin ageing and lead to smoother, more elastic skin.

With finest avocado oil

These i+m products contain organic avocado oil from Kenya:

  • Beard Oil

    Bright and handsome. Beard Oil provides glorious beards with a soft gloss and facilitates grooming. Prevents skin irritation.

  • Shower Gel

    A thousand times fresher. The Tausendschön Shower Gel offers a soft and regenerating cleanse for every skin type with the scent of a fresh flower meadow.

  • Lifting Boost

    Natural botox. The highly effective Age Plus Lifting Boost smooths and lastingly nourishes the skin with concentrated natural ingredients.