Fair Trade Avocado Oil from Kenya

Our high-quality avocado oil comes from central Kenya. Our partner BIO PLANÈTE works with more than 1,000 small farmers as part of a local project. The Ecocert fair-trade label guarantees the treatment of avocado farmers as partners, long-term contracts and minimum prices. Value is also placed on humane working conditions, the protection of the environment and biodiversity, as well as on the promotion of organic farming.

Fair trade „forest butter“

More than a third of Kenya’s GDP is generated by the agricultural sector, and more than half of Kenyans still make a living from agriculture. But the unemployment rate is high. And the many small plots of farmland are often both a means of survival and a pension plan.

But the harvested fruits are not simply exported. Instead, a modern oil mill was built so that native avocado oil could be cold-pressed locally. Not only has this improved the quality of the avocado oil, it has also created more jobs in Kenya.

A game of musical chairs: Avocado flowers between the sexes

Avocado flowers exhibit a very special phenomenon in the plant world—they alternate between female and male characteristics on a daily basis. Successful fertilisation is therefore dependent on having the right avocado trees next to each other. Otherwise it is possible that one day only female flowers are open and the next day only male flowers.

When the flowers are successfully pollinated, up to 300 kilos of avocados can be harvested from a single tree between April and September. The oil extracted from the pulp needs to rest for six to eight weeks. This is how long it takes for the waxes in the oil to settle before the pure oil can be poured off.

Smooth and elastic skin with palmitoleic acid and vitamin E

The avocado tree originates from southern Mexico. The Aztecs started cultivating it to produce cosmetics with the rich fruit. The high palmitoleic acid content is one of the reasons why the oil is so nourishing. As this promotes cell regeneration, the oil is often used to care for mature skin.

The natural anti-ageing effect is enhanced by vitamin E (TOCOPHEROL). Vitamin E strengthens the skin’s natural defences against free radicals. All in all, using products with avocado oil on a regular basis can prevent skin ageing and make the skin smoother and more elastic.

With finest Avocado Oil

These i+m products contain organic avocado oil from Kenya:

Beard Oil

Content: 30 ml

66,33  / 100 ml

Lifting Boost

Content: 30 ml

93,00  / 100 ml