, Glass storage jar

Transparent glass
Aufbewahrungsglas für plastikfreie Zahnputztabs von i+m NATURKOSMETIK

Crystal clear. This storage jar won’t stay empty for long. Little i+m Tooth Tabs will have the perfect home in this practical glass jar.


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Crystal clear, plastic-free and chic storage

Before this jar was used for storage, our little Tooth Tabs were kept somewhere else, just for the time being. But once their packaging is opened, there’s no stopping there. And you just can’t wait to pour the solid tablets into their new glass home. It’s just too good to be true.

Clearly practical glass storage jar

Is the glass half full at least? Just a quick glance at the transparent glass jar is enough to tell when the last toothpaste tab is probably going to be used. So the storage jar silently lets you know when it’s time for a refill. Plus, it’s a really practical way to pack your tabs for when you’re on the move: this compact little glass jar saves your solid toothpaste tabs from getting lost in the bottom of your hand, sports or travel bag.

For long-lasting freshness

Marvellous and moisture-tight, the perfect match because your solid Tooth Tabs from i+m love the dry. Stored behind glass, these lovely little tabs are perfectly protected from moisture. Also, you can store liquid cosmetics in this glass storage jar too for long-term use – simply fantastic!

Note: the storage jar comes without tabs. You can buy our Tooth Tabs separately from our shop.


Important: if you decide to give the glass jar a thorough clean, make sure you leave the lid off until the jar is completely dry inside. The same goes for when you’re filling it with i+m toothpaste tabs.


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