Winter Care Routine mit i+m

Put together your natural care routine for the winter, which provides an extra portion of moisture and intensively moisturises. We use purely plant-based organic ingredients such as baobab, squalane & hyaluron and cold-pressed organic oils from fair trade such as sea buckthorn, argan and jojoba.

Start your care routine with a cleansing product and integrate a regular exfoliation to free the skin from make-up residues, sebum and skin flakes. Then apply toner and eye cream and finish with a day cream over your favourite serum. For extra glow, mix a drop of oil under serum or cream. Overnight, hand and body cream regenerate stressed skin areas, while our hair care makes manes stressed by the heating air supple again.

Hand Cream

Content: 50 ml

19,80  / 100 ml

Normale Haut Hyaluron Serum 3-fach i+m NATURKOSMETIK BERLIN

Hyaluron Serum triple

Content: 25 ml

75,60  / 100 ml

Freistil Sensitiv Feuchtigskeitcreme von i+m Naturkosmetik - fair bio vegan.

Moisturising Cream

Content: 30 ml

56,33  / 100 ml

Eye Cream rich

Content: 15 ml

152,67  / 100 ml

Freistil Sensitiv Körperlotion von i+m Naturkosmetik - fair bio vegan.

Body Lotion

Content: 200 ml

6,95  / 100 ml

Verbena Shampoo Bar

Content: 50 g

17,80  / 100 g

Lifting Boost

Content: 30 ml

93,00  / 100 ml

Foot Cream

Content: 50 ml

21,80  / 100 ml

Age Plus Creme de la Creme mit neuer Rezeptur von i+m NATURKOSMETIK BERLIN

Cream ultra rich

Content: 30 ml

89,67  / 100 ml

Freistil Sensitiv Reinigungsmilch von i+m Naturkosmetik - fair bio vegan.

Cleansing Milk

Content: 150 ml

9,27  / 100 ml

Hydro Perform Soft Facial Scrub

Content: 150 ml

9,27  / 100 ml

Body Mousse

Content: 200 ml

10,95  / 100 ml