Fair Trade Sacha Inchi Oil from Peru

We purchase our sacha inchi oil from a Fair Trade project in Tarapeto, Peru. Directly or indirectly, over 10 000 families profit from the production of sacha inchi oil. Supporting local farmers as well as protecting the landscape around Amazon are both goals to which our Fair Trade partner is unswervingly dedicated.

Handpicked harvest in scorching heat

The nut owes its name to the Peruvian Andes: sacha means hill, inchi are the peanuts. It is precisely these hills that make manual harvesting particularly arduous. The great heat makes the work even more difficult, but at the same time it makes it possible to dispense with any technique when drying the nuts.

Traditional oil production

As soon as the shell of the nuts has burst due to the sun’s rays, the seeds can be peeled and further processed. The oil is obtained using old traditional methods, from seed to pressing, it is not subjected to any chemical treatment.

Traditional beauty secret

With Sacha Inchi i+m falls back on a traditional beauty secret of Peru’s women. The properties of the extracted oil predestine it for our hair care products: It forms a natural protective film around the individual hairs. Unlike silicones, however, it is permeable to air and does not cause irritation by sealing the scalp. When used regularly, the oil helps to keep hair smooth and supple.

With finest Sacha Inchi Oil

These i+m products contain sacha inchi oil from San Martín:

Repair Conditioner

Content: 200 ml

6,45  / 100 ml

Repair Shampoo

Content: 250 ml

4,76  / 100 ml