Fair Trade Coconut Oil from India

The coconut oil used in our products comes from Kerala Province in southwest India. Since 2005, our partner Fair Trade Alliance Kerala has been working with 3,500 local coconut farmers. A special program has been established to train farmers in techniques of climbing trees and harvesting coconuts; harvesting coconut trees at a height of 25 meters is no easy task. Rich in saturated fats, coconut oil is especially useful in producing a smooth complexion.

Fair oil from the land of coconut palms

Kerala means “land of the coconut palms” – the palm groves line the approximately 590 km long coast along the Indian Ocean. Since 2005, the Fair Trade Alliance Kerala has been working here with around 3,500 of the local coconut growers. The additional profit generated by this not only benefits the farmers, but the entire community: for example, the construction of a new school kitchen has become possible. School kitchens make a particularly important social contribution in India, as children from poorer families can be cared for here free of charge.

With further training to become a palm climber

Since coconut palms are grown all year round, there is always harvest season in Kerala. Harvesting is done by hand – not an easy or harmless task with palm trees up to 25 metres high. This is why there are now special training courses in Kerala to become a palm climber. Up to 40 times a day, trained men and women manage the ascent. After the hard skin has been broken, the coveted oil is extracted from the sweet flesh of the fruit, while gentle cold pressing preserves the valuable ingredients.

Smoothness for skin and hair

Not only in the ayurvedic kitchen of India, also in the traditional beauty care coconut oil has its firm place. Skin and hair are given intensive suppleness. In addition to vitamins and minerals, the high content of saturated fatty acids is decisive for these caring properties. This allows coconut oil to spread particularly well on the skin, is absorbed quickly and leaves the skin feeling pleasantly soft.

With finest Coconut Oil

These i+m products contain organic coconut oil from Kerala:

Body Lotion

Content: 200 ml

5,45  / 100 ml

Body Mousse

Content: 200 ml

10,95  / 100 ml