Fair Trade Almond Oil from Pakistan

Our almond oil comes from in Gilit Baltistan, Pakistan. Our Fair Trade partner, Mountain Fruits Company, works with about 1,400 farmers. Himalayan foothills are used and cultivated for the growing of almonds. Rich in vitamins A and E, almond oil prevents premature skin aging and can relieve skin irritations.

Fair prices for more stability in Pakistan

The Mountain Fruits Company has been organizing fair almond cultivation in Pakistan for fifteen years. Not only the 1400 participating almond farmers profit from this. Village schools and jobs for women have also been established. Gilit Baltistan, the almond growing region, has been exposed to difficult political conditions for over fifty years: The region is equally claimed by Pakistan, India and China. In the new millennium, al-Qaeda and Taliban fighters have also made territorial claims.

Almond cultivation in the Karakorum Mountains

For agriculture, foothills of the Pakistani Karakorum Mountains could be made fertile through irrigation channels and the construction of terraces. On the resulting plantations the almond trees are cultivated together with other fruits. This form has clear advantages especially for biological-ecological cultivation, which does not use chemical pesticides: Mixed cultivation produces much more resistant plants than conventional monocultures.

Fine almond oil for smooth skin

The caring properties of almond oil have been appreciated for over 4000 years. The most important ingredients for our cosmetics are the fatty acids they contain. These support the skin’s own protective layer. The contained vitamin A additionally promotes the skin’s own regeneration, vitamin E protects against free radicals. Almond oil is also tolerated by sensitive skin and can alleviate irritations, precisely because it improves the skin’s resistance to environmental influences.

With finest Almond Oil

These i+m products contain organic almond oil from Gilit Baltistan:

Body Mousse

Content: 200 ml

10,95  / 100 ml

Beard Oil

Content: 30 ml

66,33  / 100 ml

Nail Oil

Content: 10 ml

89,00  / 100 ml