Fair Pomegranate Kernel Oil from Azerbaijan

Our high-quality pomegranate kernel oil comes from the agricultural region of Ağsu in inland Azerbaijan. The local varieties of pomegranate flourish on a plot of 400 hectares on the edge of the southern Caucasus Mountains.

Totally organic pomegranates – of course!

The kernels of the bright red fruit are a by-product of juice production. This means that it is possible to procure large quantities of organically cultivated pomegranate seeds, and the whole fruit is fully utilised.

A large number of workers are employed to carefully pick the ripe, certified-organic fruit from the trees during the annual fruit harvest. The pomegranates are first pressed to extract the juice, then washed before the de-juiced kernels are dried.

Cold-pressed is half the battle won

A modern drying plant extracts the last of the moisture from the kernels as gently as possible in order to avoid stressing the valuable kernel oil. This preserves the active ingredients of the plant for our cosmetics. Following a quality check, our pomegranate kernel oil is then mechanically cold-pressed and filtered. The result is a pure kernel oil, ready to be added to our high-quality formula.

A golden yellow protective screen for the skin

The golden yellow oil contains an unusually high percentage of unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants which allow it to protect the skin from damage caused by environmental factors. It has intensive nurturing and anti-inflammatory properties, even in very low doses. Used together with other active substances it prevents the formation of wrinkles and helps to achieve a firmer complexion.

With finest Pomegranate Kernel Oil

These i+m products contain organic pomegranate kernel oil from Azerbaijan:


Hydro Perform Soft Facial Scrub

Content: 150 ml

9,27  7,27  / 100 ml