Why should I buy from the i+m online shop?

  • Product variety: You can only enjoy our complete range via our online shop. Here, exclusive products such as our tasting service, refill packs, deodorant creams in travel sizes, special accessories and our brand new product innovations are waiting to be discovered by you.
  • Doing good: As a community-oriented company, we always donate a quarter of our profits to eco-friendly projects. As part of this, 100% of our online shop daily takings go to a good cause every quarter. You can decide in advance where we donate via social media.
  • From person to person: If you order from our online shop, you will receive mail from the castle! We have entrusted our logistics to the Schloss & Gut Liebenberg integration project. There, people with various disabilities have found a new professional perspective in Brandenburg, and we are very happy that they support us in shipping our products.
  • Climate-friendly, plastic-free shipping: We ship throughout Europe (zones 1-3) in a climate-friendly way with DHL Go Green. This means that the greenhouse gases produced by transport are actively offset by climate protection projects. In addition, our standard packages are made of environmentally friendly grass paper and your products are softly bedded on our recycled paper-based Sizzle Pack.