Who is actually behind i+m?

Glad you asked, because behind our colourful cosmetic products is a lot of passion and a team of individualists who have joined forces to make the world a little bit better.

100% corporate-free: growing organically without external financing and in self-organised teamwork, i+m stands for a new corporate culture. Founded in 1978 by two midwives, the two environmental activists Jörg von Kruse and Bernhard von Glasenapp revived the almost insolvent company in 2007, gave it a new, contemporary design and raised the flags towards the common good economy. For more than ten years, Verena Zydek and Gordana Brozio have been at his side, and every year, committed employees join in to help shape the company and enthusiastically introduce new topics.
Just get to know us and find out who is passionate about what and who is responsible for which area.