Why does i+m use alcohol in some formulations?

Essential oils and herbal additives, which at i+m are based on a water/organic alcohol mixture, work as a kind of natural preservative and prevent bacteria and fungi from accumulating and multiplying in our products. Products with a high water content in particular have a higher risk of tipping per se than formulations with a higher oil content. The alcohol added in small quantities prevents the risk of germ infestation and makes the product stable.

In addition to physical and chemical stability, the microbiological stability of cosmetics is not only a decisive factor for their shelf life, but also a legal requirement of the European Cosmetics Regulation (CPR). This states that we as cosmetics manufacturers are responsible for ensuring that our products comply with these specifications – in short: our products must be stable and safe. Alcohol is a foodstuff that our body breaks down without any problems and has no allergy potential. Even in very small quantities, ethanol (ALCOHOL) has a germ-inhibiting effect and therefore does not dry out the skin.