Unfortunately, glass is still the packaging material with the highest energy demand in production. On the one hand, this is because the melting temperature of glass is over 1000 °C and production requires a lot of energy for processing. In addition, glass is very heavy with a density of 2.5 to 6.3 g/cm³ – so not only the production but also the transport of glass packaging consumes a lot of energy. The CO2 emissions are correspondingly high.

Another argument against the exclusive use of glass is safety. Glass bottles in the bathroom and especially in wet areas can quickly fall and cause injuries due to broken glass. Your safety has priority.

Of course, waste avoidance is very important to us because of the environment. Therefore, we completely dispense with outer packaging and only use glass vials for products with pipettes. Most of our product packaging is made of pure plastic, polypropylene (PP), which is highly recyclable. Polypropylene has distinct advantages over other plastics because it is much stronger and more heat resistant. In addition, its loss of quality during the recycling cycle is extremely low, which is why it can still be used after several “recycling passes”.

In accordance with the cradle-to-cradle concept, we specifically use only resources that are permanently preserved in the recycling cycle. For our newer products such as the Refills, the Spicy Energy series and the Berlin Design Edition, we use eco-friendly packaging made from recyclate, which means that the bottles (except for the pumps) are made from 100% recycled plastic waste from the yellow bin. So instead of using up new resources, existing and used ones are recycled, strengthening a waste circular economy. In this way, existing plastic can circulate in the material cycle instead of ending up in the world’s oceans. Recycled plastic/recyclate can in turn be 100% recycled and completely dispenses with petroleum as a basic material for the production of new granulate as a raw material. And last but not least, the production of bottles from recyclate (R-HDPE) emits less CO2 than new HDPE.

All good reasons why we are working on gradually switching more products to recycled packaging. You can find out more about the topic of plastic and the right way to recycle etc. here on our blog (in German only).