Madame Inge

Oh, là, là, Madame!
Monuments must be set in stone? Not here. We prefer dedicating our luxurious body care series to the i+m founder: Madame Inge, named for Inge Stamm, one of the most experienced developers of German organic cosmetics, organic pioneer and activist for women’s rights. She founded the i+m company in 1978, was CEO for 35 years and immensely influenced German organic cosmetics with innovative products. Even today, most of our recipes are based on her creations. A real “Grande Madame”.

Body Mousse and Deo Cream Floral Swing bewitch the senses with their powdery, floral scent and high-quality fairtrade organic oils to soften dry and demanding skin. The exquisite argan oil is a century-old beauty secret among Moroccan women – the “liquid gold” strengthens the skin with vitamin E, giving it new freshness and elasticity.

Madame Inge Wohlfühlpflege Set von i+m NATURKOSMERIK BERLIN

Feel-good Care Gift Set

YOU SAVE 5 € BY BUYING THESE ITEMS TOGETHER Home spa deluxe: The Feel-good Care Gift Set pampers delicate skin with its shower gel, body mousse and deodorant cream. The sensual scent will transform your bathroom into a private spa.

Body Mousse

The creamy Body Mousse nourishes challenging skin and makes it velvety-soft. The scent indulges the senses and transforms the application into a spa event.