Less waste is beautiful: our 1 Liter Refill Series provides natural body care in practical refill packaging – made from 100% recycled plastics. This way, additional plastic waste can be avoided, and also those already produced are reused. Good for the environment and your wallet.

Our elegant pump bottles are now easily refillable, ensuring you’ll always have enough of your favourite product. Add our stylish wall hangers and watch as your bathroom becomes a sustainable beauty palace. Refill, reduce, reuse, recycle!

, Repair Shampoo Refill

The Family Size Repair Shampoo Refill in a 1-litre refill pack made from 100% recycled plastic revitalises dry, damaged hair – and protects the environment.

, Volume Shampoo Refill

This Family Size Volume Shampoo Refill contains fair trade organic nutrients for strengthening fine hair – economically packed in a 1-litre recycled bottle for refilling.  

, Shower Gel and Shampoo Refill

Protects the skin and the environment. Freistil Sensitiv Shower Gel and Shampoo in an economical family-size pack is pH neutral, for cleaning the hair and sensitive skin.

Balance Shampoo Refill 1l i+m NATURKOSMETIK BERLIN

, Balance Shampoo Refill

The Family Size Balance Shampoo Refill not only helps to balance oily, dandruff-prone hair, but also the environment – in a recycled refill pack.

Hands and moreCalendula Handseife Refill

Liquid Soap Calendula Refill

Family Size Liquid Soap Calendula Refill in the practical refill package cleans gently with fair organic ingredients and a refreshing citrus scent – pH neutral and free from palm oil.

Refill Wild Life Shampoo & Duschgel

, Shower Gel and Shampoo Refill

Family Size Shower Gel and Shampoo Refill in the practical refill package cleans every skin and hair type gently but thoroughly, and smells delightfully of lemongrass.

Refill Glanzshampoo

, Shine Shampoo Refill

Not only does Family Size Shine Shampoo make all hair types shine, it also conserves the environment – one bottle made from 100% recycled plastic holds as much as 4 individual bottles.

Refill Berlin Edition Duschgel

, Shower Gel Refill

Family Size Berlin Shower Gel cleans every skin type with mild surfactants and has a fresh, citrus fragrance. Now also available in a 1 litre refill package made from recycled plastic.