For strong Women’s Rights in Zambia

The right to self-determination independent of gender, which seems so self-evident to us, is unfortunately not yet established in Zambian society: Women are exposed to many forms of discrimination, physical and sexual violence and insecure ownership. According to international human rights organisations, around half of Zambian women report having had such experiences. Gender policy plays a subordinate role, and women’s rights are still disregarded.

Creating alternatives for women

The prevailing poverty in Zambia and the alcohol abuse of husbands are the most frequent causes of domestic violence, a way out of these marriages is rare due to patriarchal ownership structures. Beatrice, the good soul and idea giver for the i+m women’s shelter, repeatedly tells us during her visits to Berlin of violence against women and children, of great poverty in Zambia, of an exorbitantly high AIDS infection rate favoured by polygyny (polygamy) and hardly any access to contraceptives – also because contraception is considered a taboo subject in the predominantly Christian country.

According to the customary law of the 72 ethnic groups resident in Zambia, a woman has no right to possession in the event of divorce or the death of her husband – the entire inheritance goes to the husband’s family. Caught in this financial dependence, Zambian women have little opportunity to escape a violent husband. The alternatives would be prostitution or a life on the street.

On site in Zambia

Our women’s shelter is located in Kabwe, the capital of the central province of the Republic of Zambia. Kabwe is located about 130 kilometers north of Zambia’s capital Lusaka and with about 220,000 inhabitants is the second largest city in the country. Kabwe would have a high development potential if between 1902 and 1992 a large lead deposit had not been largely extracted without environmental requirements.

Zambia is an impressive country with countless waterfalls and a mild tropical climate on the Central African Plateau. With an area twice the size of Germany, Zambia has just 13 million inhabitants*. Despite rich mineral resources (above all copper, cobalt, precious stones) and large water resources, 65% of the Zambian population still lives below the poverty line. Both unemployment and the HIV infection rate are high. At 32.7 years of age, Zambia has the lowest life expectancy of any country in the world.

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