A thousand times as beautiful!
The Daisy – in German also called Tausendschön, or “thousand beauty” – gave its name to this body care series. The small flower not only grows in nature, but also in urban environments and beautifully decorates the streets of Berlin. It not only gifts the hectic city with an extra dose of nature, but our skin as well.

The daisy’s regenerating effect is combined with echinacea extract, a plant that strengthens our natural defences. Exquisite and organic argan oil, avocado and jojoba oils nourish the skin with vitamins and protect the skin’s natural oil replenishment. The light, flowery smell transforms your shower and subsequent moisturising into a moment of relaxation that stimulates the senses.

  • , Body Lotion

    A thousand times more cherished. The Tausendschön Body Lotion regenerates and nourishes every skin type. Softly cultivated skin smells of a fresh flower meadow.

  • Shower Gel

    A thousand times fresher. The Tausendschön Shower Gel offers a soft and regenerating cleanse for every skin type with the scent of a fresh flower meadow.