Hydro Perform

Ooooh, so hydrolicious!
Aloe vera is a true wonder when it comes to moisture: the desert lily with its lush leaves survives the dry months completely unharmed, triumphing over the life-threatening conditions in the desert. Our skin wants to be nourished as well, and aloe vera is a crucial ingredient for our Hydro Perform series. It protects from loss of moisture and early fine lines. Therefore, the series is especially tailored to the needs of fine-pored, dry skin. Alongside the aloe vera, hyaluronic acid has incredible talent: one gram can bind up to six litres of water. Providing the skin with enough hyaluronic acid leaves it feeling firm and full of elasticity.

Jojoba oil and shea butter support this effect by working against the loss of moisture. The skin’s resilience is strengthened by antioxidant pomegranate oil and vitamin E, while grapefruit extract ensures fresh-feeling skin. Attention all users of computers, tablets, cell phones etc.: butterfly bush provides the best anti-blue light protection to guard the skin against damage caused by blue screen light.

Hyaluronsäure Serum 3fach

Hyaluron Serum triple

Moisture booster. Hyaluronic serum triple provides the skin with intensive moisture thanks to three high-quality hyaluronic acids. With Anti Blue Light Filter.

Soft Facial Scrub

Smooth and rosy. The naturally soft facial scrub cleans pore-deep using the finest rice particles. Use for an even complexion.

Moisturising Cream

Soft and fresh. The light Hydro Perform Moisturising Cream provides normal to dry skin with moisture and protects its natural elasticity.

Moisturising Cream rich

Firm and soft. The rich Hydro Perform Moisturising Cream rich provides dry skin with long-lasting moisture and ensures a firm complexion.

Eye Balm

For seductive, fresh eyes. The light Hydro Perform Eye Balm provides the sensitive eye area with intensive moisture.