Deo Cream

A natural scent!

Our Deo Creams come in environmentally friendly glass jars and deodorise gently but effectively. Made from a natural composition of coconut, natron and zinc, they protect you from unwanted odours for many hours without impairing the skin’s natural perspiration regulation, and without the use of any alcohol, aluminium or alum. Zinc oxide has an anti-irritant effect to soothe the sensitive skin under the arms, which is especially pleasant after shaving.

Fairtrade almond and olive oil from controlled organic cultivation ensure velvety-soft skin. A variety of natural scents refresh the body and soul – from lightly flowery to fresh and spicy, through to totally perfume-free.

The very special highlight: Deo Cream instantly neutralises existing body odour.

  • , Freistil Sensitiv mini

    Exclusively at the i+m online shop: the unscented sensitive Deo Cream provides reliable deodorizing protection for sensitive, allergy prone skin – especially while travelling.