Skin Care for sensitive Skin Types

Does your skin react quickly with redness, is it often irritated and tends to become tense? No wonder, because every day the natural protective barrier is destroyed by too aggressive ingredients, frequent washing and shaving. Alongside this, it has to hold its own against air pollution, heating heat and the sun’s rays. Luckily, i+m has unscented and especially mildly formulated products that moisturize sensitive skin and soothe it thanks to the finest organic raw materials from fair trade. Discover our especially gentle face, body and hair care for sensitive skin now!

Freistil Sensitiv Reinigungsmilch von i+m Naturkosmetik - fair bio vegan.

Cleansing Milk

Soft and clean. The mild Freistil Sensitiv Cleansing Milk effectively and gently frees sensitive and allergy-prone skin from pollution or make-up – it’s irritation-free and soothing.

Freistil Sensitiv Augenbalsam von i+m Naturkosmetik - fair bio vegan.

Eye Balm

Soothing and moisturising Freistil Sensitiv Eye Balm ensures relaxed moments – especially for sensitive skin.

Freistil Sensitiv Intensivcreme von i+m Naturkosmetik - fair bio vegan.

Intensive Cream

Relaxed and full of energy: irritation-free Freistil Sensitiv Intensive Cream soothes skin irritations and feelings of tightness for sensitive and allergy-prone skin.

Freistil Sensitiv

Unscented freshness. Freistil Sensitiv Deo Cream deodorises gently with a composition of coconut oil and zinc – without aluminium. Even neutralises existing body odour instantly.

Sheabutter von i+m Naturkosmetik - fair bio vegan.

Shea Butter mini

The small one. The practical travel size fairtrade Nilotica shea butter from Uganda nourishes dry skin from head to toe, whether it’s dry hair tips, rough skin or cracked lips.

Freistil Sensitiv Duschgel und Shampoo von i+m Naturkosmetik - fair bio vegan.

Shower Gel and Shampoo

Soft and clean: Freistil Sensitiv Shower Gel and Shampoo for sensitive and allergy-prone skin cleanses gently with extra-mild sugar surfactants and is pH-neutral.

Freistil Sensitiv Körperlotion von i+m Naturkosmetik - fair bio vegan.

Body Lotion

Honest and easy-going. Irritant-free Freistil Sensitiv Body Lotion nourishes sensitive, delicate skin with soothing ingredients and fairtrade oils from controlled organic cultivation.

Freistil Sensitiv Feuchtigskeitcreme von i+m Naturkosmetik - fair bio vegan.

Moisturising Cream

Relaxed and protected. The irritation-free Freistil Sensitiv Moisturising Cream offers soft care for sensitive skin prone to allergies.