Fair Trade Cocoa Butter from Indonesia

Our cocoa butter comes from the Big Tree Farms in Bali. There they work directly and fairly with 15,000 smallholders, supporting local development and the sustainable economy of the country of origin. Great importance is attached to traditional and biologically dynamic cultivation methods in order to protect the environment and nature in the best possible way. The deliciously chocolaty scented cocoa butter is the perfect care especially for dry, stressed skin and is excellently suited as lip care.

The Jamu Principle

Big Tree Farms is based on the “Jamu Principle” – an Indonesian concept of body, mind and soul that stand together in harmony and balance. This principle also corresponds to our corporate philosophy and values and what we stand for above all as a manufacturer of fair natural cosmetics.

„Rooted in Goodness“!

From the soil they take care of, the planted trees, the bamboo office buildings, the bike rides to work, to the effort to make compostable packaging to reduce dependence on plastics, Big Tree Farms works continuously in the process of evaluation, reflection and problem solving.

Pure and cold-pressed

Conventional cocoa butter is roasted and steamed, losing important natural nutrients and aromas. The raw cocoa butter from Big Tree Farms is gently processed in an elaborate process to achieve the highest quality – pure and cold-pressed. The natural active ingredients are preserved in their valuable entirety. It has a very light and pure colour and is therefore ideal for cosmetic purposes. Cocoa butter, in addition to being consumed, also serves as a component of wonderfully fragrant body care, which protects the skin from dryness and gives it a sensual scent.

Chocolate care experience

Due to its skin caring properties, cocoa butter is a classic natural ingredient for cosmetics. It is used for the production of lipsticks and as a caring additive for lotions, bath additives and skin creams. Cocoa butter cares for the skin as soft as velvet and is ideal for stressed and very dry skin.

In our Lip Butter we have combined the firm cocoa butter from Indonesia with the gently melting shea butter from Uganda to create a harmonious composition. The sensual chocolaty scent rounds off the lip care experience wonderfully.

With finest cocoa butter

These i+m products contain organic cocoa butter from Bali:

  • , Body Lotion

    A thousand times more cherished. The Tausendschön Body Lotion regenerates and nourishes every skin type. Softly cultivated skin smells of a fresh flower meadow.