Fair Trade Pomegranate Kernel Oil from Turkey

Our pomegranate kernel oil comes from Turkey.  Over the last eight years the Pomegranate Valley, a plantation of nearly 200 hectares, has been developed. A by product of pomagranate juice production, pomegranate kernels are available in large quantities for the production of the oil. 

The Turkish „Pomegranate-Valley“

Our pomegranate seed oil comes from the “Pomegranate-Valley” in the Turkish province of Adana: In the last eight years a pomegranate plantation of almost 200 hectares has been established. The pomegranate seeds are a by-product of juice production, which makes it possible to procure large quantities of organically grown pomegranate seeds.

Cold pressed, is half won

Harvesting takes place with permanent farmers from the region. In cooperation with a local oil mill, a particularly gentle process for cold pressing and filtration of the oil was developed. The herbal active ingredients for our cosmetics are thus preserved.

A golden-yellow protective shield for the skin

The golden yellow oil has an unusually high content of unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants and thus protects against environmental skin damage. Even in very low doses it has intensive caring properties. Used together with other active ingredients, it prevents the formation of wrinkles and helps to tighten the skin.

With finest pomegranate seed oil

These i+m products contain organic pomegranate seed oil from the Turkish province:

  • Soft Facial Scrub

    Smooth and rosy. The naturally soft facial scrub cleans pore-deep using the finest rice particles. Use for an even complexion.

  • Facial Toner

    Soft freshness. The vitalising Hydro Perform Facial Toner clarifies and prepares normal to dry skin for any subsequent care.

  • Aqua Boost

    Hydro freshness kick. The light Aqua Boost Serum provides intensive moisture and works as an energy booster for the skin. With anti-blue light filter.