One World

i+m has two primary goals: firstly, as a groundbreaking company in the organics industry, we want to continue to produce the highest-quality natural cosmetics that are as natural as possible and which strive towards long-term effects.

Secondly, we want to be THE most political cosmetics brand in Germany that actively furthers a society based on sustainability and the common good. We are commited to change and we not only want to improve skin and hair but nothing more than the whole world!

“The vision of a sustainable economy that preserves our environment and natural resources can only succeed if we not only treat nature with respect for resources but also change the structures of our economy: away from selfishness and competition and towards fair coexistence geared to the well-being of all human beings.”

Jörg von Kruse

This requires a holistic approach that does not selectively focus on one aspect such as organic or vegan, but takes a comprehensive look at and integrates the issues of ecology, animal welfare and social economy. For us, this holistic and common welfare-oriented approach is expressed in the triad of terms FAIR ORGANIC VEGAN, which we live at all levels of the company.


…because we are not alone

For us, a FAIR company is oriented towards the common good rather than self-interest. We believe that capitalism and its industries only make sense and have a right to exist if they serve common interests and do not cause damage. i+m endeavours to adhere to this principle at all levels of the company. This means:

FAIR distribution of profits

… because 100% common good is close to our heart

When it comes to the distribution of our profits, we focus on FAIRNESS:

  • 10-20% is paid towards a social project that is primarily operated and financed by i+m: in 2014, we built the first women’s refuge centre in the Republic of Zambia in eastern Africa, and are continuing to expand it.
  • 10-20% is donated to smaller ecological and social projects that are being developed. Organisations that are currently receiving support include Yumig e.V. (www.yumig.de), OFF THE MAT INTO THE WORLD e.V. (www.offthematintotheworld.org), as well as an integration project for young refugees in Berlin (www.diegaertnereiberlin.de).
  • 10-20% is equally distributed amongst our employees.
  • 10-20% is re-invested in the company in order to further growth and innovation.
  • 10-20% is distributed amongst the managing directors or re-invested if the situation of the company requires it.


… because there is only one planet earth

i+m is also fair to the environment. This is why we use exclusively organic raw ingredients produced under environmentally friendly conditions. Our understanding of organic ecological natural ingredients extends beyond the production: all of the organic oils we use are cold pressed and are left untreated. This makes our products especially natural.

Conserving resources is a stated goal for i+m at all levels, including for production, product and packaging design. In contrast to most natural cosmetics brands, we do not use secondary packaging, and all of our packaging is designed to minimise the use of resources and optimise recyclability (cradle-to-cradle principle).

FAIR to our suppliers

… because everything starts with them

Many of the high-quality natural ingredients for natural cosmetics come from countries in which exploitation is rife. This is why it is important to pay fair prices and to nurture long-term partnerships with suppliers. i+m has pledged to only buy fairtrade ingredients if these are available on the market. We are currently working intensively with nine projects, which makes i+m one of the leading cosmetic brands when it comes to the proportion of fairtrade ingredients in its products.

We consciously try to produce, pack and send our products as regional as possible. On one hand to have short transits and on the other hand to be in close contact with our service contractors. The development and production is based in Brandenburg (near Berlin), our packaging is made in Germany and our logistics is also located in Brandenburg. i+m Naturkosmetik Berlin is 100% developed and made in Germany.


… because we love all life

Ever since our company was founded in 1978, animal welfare has been central to the i+m philosophy, which is why our natural cosmetics were never tested on animals even before there was a general prohibition on such activity. We have also avoided the use of animal products for many years. Since 2000, all our products have been vegan. This makes i+m one of the pioneers in natural vegan cosmetics. Our founder, Inge Stamm, believed that entirely vegan formulations were best for animal welfare and for environmental protection, not to mention most effective for people too.

FAIR to our customers

… because you enable us to realise our ideas

In hardly any other industry are customers confronted with so many empty promises and half-truths as in the cosmetics industry. This is why we endeavour to provide maximum transparency: you can find all the active ingredients and their characteristics for all of our products on our website. Furthermore, we do not promote beauty ideals nor promise specific effects – such claims are generally based on small, often inconclusive tests. We want to be FAIR to our customers when it comes to pricing, too: maximising profit is not our priority. Despite our fairtrade and high-quality organic ingredients, we offer an excellent price-performance ratio.

FAIR to our employees

… because team spirit is our most valuable resource

All of our employees are involved in the fundamental business decisions. We promote a discursive business culture that is based on independent, responsible work and flat hierarchies. For this reason, our employees have access to all the key business figures and are given an equal share of the profits.

All very well & good with i+m!

With our FAIR Editions and promotional products we want to make the world a little better. We are doing this with growing success. And you can help. How? Quite simply: Consume sustainably in our online shop and thus support our fair initiatives.

PETA Tierrechte Edition Duschgel von i+m Naturkosmetik - fair bio vegan.

PETA Animal Rights Edition Shower Gel

The PETA Animal Rights Edition Shower Gel cleanses the body with mild plant-based surfactants. 1 Euro from every bottle sold is donated to the animal rights organisation PETA.